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An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

Any American touting democracy (naturally democrats will), is an enemy to our Republic.

Trump said about DACA at campaign rallies: “one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a President.” He said he would end it all on day 1 and remove all illegal aliens.

Every day 800 plus illegal aliens are given new/renewal DACA under the Trump administration. Because Americans First!

Trump has given 16,800 illegal aliens DACA since taking office.

Contrary to what Dear Leader Donald says, there is no such thing as a “good illegal alien” or “law abiding illegal alien”. It’s an oxymoronic term. Don’t be fooled by the words “criminal illegal alien” either. It is used by anti-American/pro illegal alien hacks (just like Dear Leader) to confuse people by suggesting that there are actually non criminal illegal aliens. All illegal aliens are criminals and “criminal illegal alien” is simply an Orwellian way of saying an illegal alien that has been prosecuted and convicted for their crime(s).

Arresting an illegal alien and deporting an illegal alien are two different things too and even deporting 1 or 2 illegal aliens that must have a convicted felony offense and as ordered by an immigration judge (according to Donald’s ICE you not only have to be convicted of a felony, but also ordered deported by a judge before you’re even considered for deportation) does not immigration law enforcement make, but it’s enough to keep Dear Leader Donald’s rubes placated believing he’s actually doing something … in between Tweets, playing golf, and selling his girlfriend Ivanka’s plagiarized craptastic products.

Text of Trump’s executive order on interior immigration enforcement

Would that be North or South Korea? Asking for a friend.


Was this kid put up to spewing this bullshit, of course.

Here ya go

and then this by the Denver Post…

“To become a naturalized citizen, a person must be a legal permanent resident for five years. They also must pass a citizenship test that involves answering written and spoken civics questions in English. In fiscal year 2016, 741,548 people were naturalized.”

…and then this…

“Almost all of Maria Funtes’ five kids attended the ceremony, some bringing their own kids and taking pictures as Funtes was presented with her citizen certificate. Originally from Mexico, she came to the U.S. in 1982 “like everybody, coming for a better life,” she said through a translator.”

Can’t a fellow just go out on a 20 degree night and “enjoy” his daughter’s soccer game without two branches of the government losing their minds?  As the introduction message to this site states, we are neither cheerleaders for nor knee-jerk opponents of the President.  We are conservatives.  Likewise, we take remarkably seriously the rulings of our federal judiciary.  I know I do, I am a lawyer, former law professor, and a former assistant law school Dean.

When I appear in media, it is often as an expert associated with legal issues.  To be sure, I don’t hold myself out as the leading guru on federal jurisdiction.  I do, however, fully understand that area of law, having learned it, practiced it, taught it, and indeed commented on it.

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The Arapahoe County District Attorney estimates Colorado taxpayers will end up spending about $1 million to prosecute and house Pedro Reynaldo Tun, who has been convicted for drunk driving five times, deported twice and admits he has been in the United States illegally since he was 13 years old.

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…and get paid five years prior tax credits that none have paid into. Every day another (at least) 800 illegal aliens will get DACA and tax credits.

Trump said while campaigning that he would end DACA on day one and remove all illegal aliens. He lied. Big League. Surprise.

Still on Trump’s website 5. Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties. All immigration laws will be enforced – we will triple the number of ICE agents. Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws and to have a country.

Donald Trump Art of the Deal: “I play to people’s fantasies,”  “I call it truthful hyperbole,” “It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”

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