Imagine if your teenage son’s pastor had told him to apply “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off,” by applying a buzzsaw to his own right wrist. You’d yank your son out of that group and start making some phone calls.

That same sense of alarm and horror is what we should feel when we learn that influential Christians have interpreted our faith in some deeply misguided way which will do grave harm to them and others.

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And the idiot gawddamned rubes cheer.


We are founded as a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

Democracy (mob rule) voids our Republic (rule by/of law) which voids our Constitution that houses our Bill of Rights (individual liberties) and individual liberties do not and can not exist in a mob rule.  If the mob votes that you can’t own a firearm for protection, you ain’t ownin’ a firearm for protection. That’s democracy!

In our Constitutional Republic, Constitutionally protected individual liberties say: Fuck Mob Rule!

And the idiot rubes cheer.

Someone hand Pence the Constitution to read.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”

Article 4 Section IV – U.S. Constitution

An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

Perhaps this woman was just very bored on the day she decided to shake things up by switching her dog-toddler apparatus 

After being deported in 2007, he was arrested twice in Denver. Then, police say he killed a woman.

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An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

Any American touting democracy (naturally democrats will), is an enemy to our Republic.

Trump said about DACA at campaign rallies: “one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a President.” He said he would end it all on day 1 and remove all illegal aliens.

Every day 800 plus illegal aliens are given new/renewal DACA under the Trump administration. Because Americans First!

Trump has given 16,800 illegal aliens DACA since taking office.

Contrary to what Dear Leader Donald says, there is no such thing as a “good illegal alien” or “law abiding illegal alien”. It’s an oxymoronic term. Don’t be fooled by the words “criminal illegal alien” either. It is used by anti-American/pro illegal alien hacks (just like Dear Leader) to confuse people by suggesting that there are actually non criminal illegal aliens. All illegal aliens are criminals and “criminal illegal alien” is simply an Orwellian way of saying an illegal alien that has been prosecuted and convicted for their crime(s).

Arresting an illegal alien and deporting an illegal alien are two different things too and even deporting 1 or 2 illegal aliens that must have a convicted felony offense and as ordered by an immigration judge (according to Donald’s ICE you not only have to be convicted of a felony, but also ordered deported by a judge before you’re even considered for deportation) does not immigration law enforcement make, but it’s enough to keep Dear Leader Donald’s rubes placated believing he’s actually doing something … in between Tweets, playing golf, and selling his girlfriend Ivanka’s plagiarized craptastic products.

Text of Trump’s executive order on interior immigration enforcement

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