Stupidity Should Be Painful

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GALT, Calif. (AP) — California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm.

The nation’s leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock.

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While I despise Hillary Clinton or any democrat (democracy) because I’m a ‘Constitutionalist’ woman.

Trump is touting democracy…again.

Apparently neither Trump or his supporters have ever read the Constitution. Article 4, Section 4: We’re a Republic. Democracy is antithetical to our Republic.

Listen: Democrat is derived from democracy (mob rule) and…

Republican is derived from Republic (rule by law). Though most “Republican elected public servants” today are actually democrats.

They get away with it because the rubes have no clue what our Constitution says. They can’t be bothered to actually read it and understand it.


As an alleged Republican how is Trump going to “save our Constitution” (Republic/individual liberties) while protecting democracy (mob rule)? You know the answer. Not happenin’.

After starting his rally with a short fat Spanish speaking man and then consistently using divisive language (African hyphenated American was used a gabillion times and Latino hyphenated American used slightly less), Donald Trump says this at the end of his rally:

“We reject the “bigotry” of Hillary Clinton who sees “communities of color” only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. She is a disgrace. The “era of division” is coming to an end, we will create a new future of American unity”.

He also mentioned he would select a SCOTUS who would uphold the Constitution: We assume he means the U.S. Constitution.

Article 4-Section 4

We are founded as a REPUBLIC and NOT a gawddamn “democracy”.

After just having American citizens on stage whose family members were murdered by illegal aliens, and saying that on immigration Clinton is bought and paid for by special interest, and she’s never going to do the right thing, he says that Clinton corruption “strikes at the heart our country and at the heart of our democracy”. He goes on to say that Clinton is a disgrace and her corruption is “a threat to the foundation of democracy”.

Maybe someone could actually read the Constitution to Trump and then explain the two totally different forms of government (Republic and democracy). The rubes that adore Trump are the reason our Republic is dead.

You cannot be a Republican (Constitutional Republic-Article 4, Section IV) and…tout democracy (mob rule).



Family of Kayla Mueller says she’s dead


2010 Kayla sitting under a poster of terrorist Ashraf Abu Rahma (and of course Che) in Palestine


Kayla Mueller was just another Rachel Corrie. Mueller was a leftist pro-Palestinian anti-Israel anti-U.S. American troops activist and part of ISM and other terrorist organizations. She spent a month or so in ‘Palestine’ helping terrorist Palestinians/Hamas target IDF/Israel before moving on and aiding other terrorist groups: the very same groups that target U.S. troops.

Good Riddance to bad rubbish.

The FBI and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing criminal charges against former CIA chief David Petraeus.

He has been accused of improperly providing classified information to a female Army Reserve officer with whom he was having an affair, the New York Times reported on Friday.

The Justice Department investigation focuses on whether Petraeus gave his biographer Paula Broadwell, access to his CIA email account and other highly classified information.

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Michelle Obama Credits Mark Udall For Enabling Barack Obama’s Marxist Agenda

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