The Trump-obsessed press has paid little attention to important news like a major terror trial wrapping up in Minneapolis: nine Somali men were sentenced last week in Minnesota for their jihad terror crimes. But the liberal media ignores Muslims terror trials in America no matter what else is going on.

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Send thoughts & prayers

Change profile pic to attacked nation’s flag

Proclaim: Nothing to do with Islam

Attend a meaningless vigil

Light up landmarks in attacked nation’s flag colors

Write ‘peace’ in chalk on the sidewalk (bonus; draw unicorns and rainbows)

Declare Je suis whatever attacked nation

Insert head back up ass

Cower and wait for next attack



Two months ago (January 2016) Belgium created this:

Heads_Up Sorin

While Muslims trying to kill our Military and fucking-up is amusing, what’s not so amusing is this:

 Muslims migrants in the Balkans desecrating cemeteries

They keep on comin’

  • Hamburg city officials say that owners of vacant real estate have refused to make their property available to the city on a voluntary basis, and thus the city should be given the right to take it by force.
  • “The proposed confiscation of private land and buildings is a massive attack on the property rights of the citizens of Hamburg. It amounts to an expropriation by the state [and a] “law of intimidation.” — André Trepoll, Christian Democratic Union.
  • “If a property is confiscated… a lawsuit to determine the legality of the confiscation can only be resolved after the fact. But the accommodation would succeed in any event.” — Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer.
  • Officials in North Rhine-Westphalia seized a private resort in the town of Olpe to provide housing for up to 400 migrants
  • “I find it impossible to understand how the city can treat me like this. I have struggled through life with grief and sorrow and now I get an eviction notice. It is a like a kick in the stomach.” — Bettina Halbey, 51-year-old nurse, after being notified that she must vacate her apartment so that migrants can move in.
  • The landlord is being paid 552 euros ($617) for each migrant he takes in. By cramming as many migrants into his property as possible, he stands to receive payments of more than 2 million euros a year from government.
  • “Considering that migrants cannot afford to rent new properties… moves must be initiated in which higher income households purchase or build more expensive accommodations for themselves in order to free up the less expensive housing for migrants.” — The Berlin Institute for Urban Development, the Housing Industry and Loan Associations
  • “I saw an unbelievable situation: the elderly volunteer lifted the table halfway, looked at the migrant and moved his head asking the migrant to lend a hand. The migrant paused for a moment and then just walked away.” — Firsthand account, refugee shelter.

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Shortly before 8 am, almost 30 adults spread along the fenced perimeter of the Heights-area school, waving American and Israeli flags while touting protest signs.

“Everything I ever cared to know about Islam was taught to me by Muslims on 9-11-2001,” one sign said. But officials said most students were inside the building once protesters assembled.

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The Other Side

When Raghdaa Ali of Dearborn Heights attempted to walk into a cash advance store one day last summer to get a money order, an employee pointed to the Islamic headscarf Ali wore and said: “You need to take it off.”

The Advance America Cash Advance store in Inkster has a sign outside that reads: “Please Remove hat and Sunglasses” and requires customers to be buzzed in to enter and temporarily remove their head coverings for security reasons.

But as an observant Muslim woman who keeps her head covered in accordance with her faith, Ali tried to explain why she unable to remove her scarf, known as hijab. She was denied entry and told that unless she left, police would be called.

“I felt really hurt that day,” recalled Ali, a native of Iraq. “I’m a U.S. citizen and should not be treated differently because of my religion. This is pure discrimination againsthijab.”

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See Also: In Minneapolis, East African Muslim girls with ‘culturally sensitive’ uniforms

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UPDATE: Parents reported $2,000 missing as teens headed to join Islamic State

According to CBS Denver, the three teens go to Overland High School (when not busy traveling to jihads) which boasts of a 74% diverse minority demographic and a 25% graduation rate.

Three American teenage girls from Colorado have been detained in Germany while reportedly on their way to Syria to join ISIS.

The girls are 15 and 16 years old and are believed to be of Somali descent.

The trio were reported missing last Friday from their homes in Denver, Colorado.

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The self-declared leader of all Muslims worldwide made a surprise appearance July 4 at a mosque in Mosul—the key trophy of last month’s military incursion into Iraq by his group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi appeared in public at Mosul’s historic Al Nuri Mosque in the central part of the city, where he delivered a sermon that called for the imposition of harsh Sharia law through force.

“There is no reason to doubt that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi presided over prayers in Mosul last Friday,” a U.S. official confirmed.

The official said the public appearance was the next logical step after ISIL’s late June declaration of the “so called caliphate.”

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