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As public schools around the United States suffer through a perpetual financial crisis, the Obama administration commits a breathtaking $70 million to help educate girls in a terrorist nation known as Al Qaeda headquarters.

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DURANT, Okla. (AP) — Calling the Internet a 21st century necessity, President Barack Obama on Wednesday unveiled a program to bring faster Internet connections to more low-income households, particularly to help students living in public and assisted housing stay ahead in school.

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Graphic by T2M, The Two Malcontents

If the rule of law still meant anything in Obama’s America, the President’s agenda of amnesty for illegal aliens would be in big trouble. It doesn’t, so the Administration just keeps pumping out amnesty documents, no matter how often federal courts order them to stop.

Team Obama even stooped to flat-out lying to a federal judge about the need for a temporary injunction to stop the amnesty printing press. Later they made a “surprise filing” to the judge disclosing that their previous statements were false, and – whoopsie! – they had already tossed 100,000 amnesty packages out.

So the news from Politico that “President Barack Obama appears likely to lose – again – in the protracted legal fight over his executive actions on immigration” doesn’t really mean much.

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The United States must take aggressive “climate action” to avoid tens of thousands of  deaths annually and prevent economic damages of up to $5 trillion, according to the Obama administration’s latest—and most alarming—assessment on the ills of global warming.

It’s yet another call to action by the administration, which has repeatedly used scare tactics to gain support for its outrageous and disastrous “green” initiatives. In this case the frightening government warning got delivered in an extensive report published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The document, compiled by a group of expert environmentalists, is being promoted by the bloated agency as “one of the most comprehensive analyses to date on the economic, health and environmental benefits to the United States of global climate action.”

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I am convinced that Barack Obama’s strategy to swamp America with immigrants Muslim and Mexican was inspired by his watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, which was broadcast between 1987 and 1994. What he likely took away from the series was a plan very similar to that of the Borg. As Jean-Luc Picard, commander of the Enterprise, said of the Borg:  “In their collective state, the Borg are utterly without mercy; driven by one will alone: the will to conquer. They are beyond redemption, beyond reason.”

You know what the Borg are, don’t you? That interstellar beehive of conquered worlds, using the enslaved as disposable pawns in that will to power? “Resistance is futile.” Resist, and you die. Submit, and you survive as a numbered cipher in service to the Collective.

That was a good plan, Obama must have thought, while he was “community organizing” in Chicago and teaching – or maligning or mis-teaching with tongue in cheek – constitutional law at the University of Chicago, as a “visiting fellow.”  He was going to “fix” this country. It was too “white.” Too beholden to the “flawed” Constitution. Too European.  He had a plan to swamp the country with Muslims and Mexicans, that is, with any real Mexicans or Central Americans passing through Mexico to enter the U.S.

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