34:00 is where once again Christian Conservative Republican Mike Pence touts “democracy”.

Arsenal of democracy? WTF? Constitutional/Republican Principles, Mike Pence? Read: Article 4, Section IV of the U.S. Constitution.

Clearly, either Mike Pence has never read the U.S. Constitution or the Federalist Papers or he’s a Democrat dressed in Republican clothing.

A Republic…if you can keep it.






For a decade I’ve tried to explain this:

Oxymoronic Peaceful Protest

If you’re at peace — you’re not in protest


If you’re in protest – you’re not at peace.

There’s a difference between peaceful assembly and protest. A protest can never be peaceful in actuality.

Government Psyop Agitprop (Conditioning The People)

Government (and boot licking press) labels protest (e.g.: destruction of commerce/attacks on Caucasians/attacking-kidnapping people via stopping them on a road/storming restaurants, etc.) as peaceful. Why? To condition us to accept anarchy.  Here’s why. 1. The government creates anarchy. 2. The People have had enough anarchy and ask the government that created the anarchy to end it. 3. The government then implements very strict rules on The People in return of the promise to end it. Keep the people safe.

Why? Their end means is Oligarchy.

Democracy (mob rule-anarchy) is simply the gateway to oligarchy.



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