Hooray For Hollyweird

SAN ANTONIO — Singer Phil Collins has been cleaning house at his home in Switzerland, and Texas history is about to benefit.

Collins was scheduled to visit the Alamo on Thursday to announce that he is donating his collection of artifacts from the Alamo to the former mission and Texas revolutionary fort.

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“This latest investigation proves that the Tickell-Begley-Hemingway deal-making was not an isolated incident. The Hollywood environmentalist left is willing to take money from explicitly anti-American interests to fund their movies. The American people deserve to know the truth about how movies are made and the lengths Hollywood will go to undermine American energy independence and national security.” More Here

Background on Susan Sarandon

Background on communist VALERIE JARRETT


WASHINGTON — The fight began as a lawsuit between two bloggers over a rude hand gesture, but when lawyers representing two of California’s signature industries showed up in federal court in Boston, it became part of a growing battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley over the rules governing how and where creative works can be used. Read More

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The health care overhaul might get a Hollywood rewrite.

The California Endowment, a private foundation that is spending millions to promote President Barack Obama’s signature law, recently provided a $500,000 grant to ensure TV writers and producers have information about the Affordable Care Act that can be stitched into plot lines watched by millions.

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Even the leftist at BuzzFeed call out the ‘silence’ of pro-Obama celebrity hypocrisy on war

If ever there were proof that Hollywood liberals are delusional, it was when NBC announced that in preparation for 2016, fetching actress Diane Lane will star in a Hillary Clinton miniseries. Casting Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton is kind of like having Brad Pitt star as Harry Reid.

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Ted Sarandos and Nicole Avant

Welcome to another installment of No Obama Bundler Left Behind. This chapter stars an elite Hollywood fundraiser who scored a plum diplomatic appointment, slacked off on the job and left her public office in disgrace, and then rebounded from failure as a new Obamacare promoter. Nice crony “work” if you can get it.

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