And the idiot rubes cheer.

Someone hand Pence the Constitution to read.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”

Article 4 Section IV – U.S. Constitution

An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

Was this kid put up to spewing this bullshit, of course.

Here ya go

and then this by the Denver Post…

“To become a naturalized citizen, a person must be a legal permanent resident for five years. They also must pass a citizenship test that involves answering written and spoken civics questions in English. In fiscal year 2016, 741,548 people were naturalized.”

…and then this…

“Almost all of Maria Funtes’ five kids attended the ceremony, some bringing their own kids and taking pictures as Funtes was presented with her citizen certificate. Originally from Mexico, she came to the U.S. in 1982 “like everybody, coming for a better life,” she said through a translator.”


Sean Hannity to Donald Trump: You’re a Constitutionalist.

Trump: Yes, I am.

No one in the world knows more about the U.S. Constitution than I do. Big league. BeIieve me. I start every morning reading two of the world’s greatest classics ever written : the National Enquirer and New York Post’s Page Six.

At my inauguration, which by the way, was the world’s biggest greatest bestest inauguration ever, believe me big league, I took the oath of Allegiance to our Constitutional Republic, and just 42 hours later , I said the United States is a democracy. Except for that, I’m big league. Believe me.

Boot Licker Sean Hannity: Hell Yeah!


Future First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron will not be moving to the White House after Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, The Post has learned.

The president-elect’s 46-year-old wife and their 10-year-old son are staying put at the family’s glitzy Trump Tower penthouse so that Barron can continue attending his Upper West Side private school, sources told The Post.

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Barron Tramp gets caviar rub downs after his bath.

Dependent military children’s lives are disrupted by PCS’ing or a parent’s deployment, but candy pants Barron can’t handle it because “disputation”.


Repealing the Mérida Initiative; what a concept.

Image result for Trump is orange

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; never trust a man in a pink tie and especially a man in a pink tie plastered in orange skin.

He’s a consummate liar. Big league. Believe me. Sad.


Because as Donald says “we’re all one” …or something.

End American tax payer funded money for the corrupt $2.3 billion plus Mexican Merida Initutive

The latest bullshit that corrupt Congress agrees to continually finance: Droves of African Migrants in Mexico Awaiting U.S. Asylum Under Secret Pact


After starting his rally with a short fat Spanish speaking man and then consistently using divisive language (African hyphenated American was used a gabillion times and Latino hyphenated American used slightly less), Donald Trump says this at the end of his rally:

“We reject the “bigotry” of Hillary Clinton who sees “communities of color” only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. She is a disgrace. The “era of division” is coming to an end, we will create a new future of American unity”.

He also mentioned he would select a SCOTUS who would uphold the Constitution: We assume he means the U.S. Constitution.

Article 4-Section 4

We are founded as a REPUBLIC and NOT a gawddamn “democracy”.

After just having American citizens on stage whose family members were murdered by illegal aliens, and saying that on immigration Clinton is bought and paid for by special interest, and she’s never going to do the right thing, he says that Clinton corruption “strikes at the heart our country and at the heart of our democracy”. He goes on to say that Clinton is a disgrace and her corruption is “a threat to the foundation of democracy”.

Maybe someone could actually read the Constitution to Trump and then explain the two totally different forms of government (Republic and democracy). The rubes that adore Trump are the reason our Republic is dead.

You cannot be a Republican (Constitutional Republic-Article 4, Section IV) and…tout democracy (mob rule).


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