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A new video tape from Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been announced this morning on the Arabic language jihadist forums. It appears that the title of this tape is "Come to Jihad" and will declare war on Pakistan.

September 19, 2007: Preliminary analysis: New Video from As Sahab includes Bin Laden reruns, some new Zawahiri footage

The As Sahab video, "The Power of Truth", announced today by the organization, has a total running time of 1 hour, 20 minutes, 34 seconds.

The documentary style video begins with the voice of Mohamed Atta shortly after hijacking the plane that would fly into the World Trade Center, and includes clips from various Al Qaeda leaders, as well as clips from TV news and features. The video also includes it’s spin of US politics.

Although Osama Bin Laden appears in this video, all of the clips appear to be older footage, including segments taken from his October 2004 message to the American people, and his April 2006 message "Oh People of Islam".

Portions of the video showing Zawahiri are clearly newer, with references to the events at the Lal Masjid this summer, and to the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

This analysis will be updated as we continue to analyze the video.

The video can be downloaded from http://www.lauramansfield.com/kownd3.rm.


Amman: Adnan Abbas – with his poor English, four young daughters, and little money to speak of – shrugs when told that making a new life in the US will be hard.

"I know that a new country, new language, is difficult and that America isn’t going to say, ‘Welcome, Adnan, here’s a million dollars,’" he says. "But life in Iraq? That’s impossible. We’re one of the luckiest families in the world."

On Tuesday, the Abbas family will take their five small suitcases, close the door on the small flat they’ve rented for the past year in Amman, Jordan, and start a journey that will eventually taken them to Lansing, Michigan. They are in the vanguard of what’s likely to become – if the history of American wars is anything to go by -the latest wave of immigrants to have an impact on the demographics of the US.

In February, the US agreed to accept 7,000 Iraqi refugees this year, a large jump over the fewer than 700 Iraqis accepted by the US in the first three years of the war but a drop in the ocean when measured against the estimated two million Iraqis who have fled the country since the war began. About 2,000 of those Iraqis coming this year, say refugee officials, will start their lives anew in Michigan.

For now, the Abbases are among the exceptions that prove the rule. Adnan, a driver in Baghdad for the Monitor, was witness to the murder of Allan Enwiyah and the kidnapping of reporter Jill Carroll in January 2006.

The family fled the country because of fear of reprisals from the Iraqi jihadis who had murdered Enwiyah, and because Abbas had been publicly identified as connected to an American organisation. One of Abbas’s brothers was murdered at his small shop in Baghdad earlier this year, and witnesses said the masked killers shouted "Where’s Adnan?" before pulling the trigger.

For now, the Abbas family is apprehensive about what lies ahead, but are glad to be getting out of Jordan.

Adnan’s biggest worry is his wife, who doesn’t speak English. "She’s like a tree with her roots in Baghdad, and we’ve pulled up the roots." For her part, his wife is worried about school for their 12, 11, and 6-year-old daughters: Will they fall behind until they learn English? Will Suzanne, almost a year old and born in Jordan, ever learn Arabic? The family is also a little worried about the reputed frigid Michigan winters-all except for 6-year-old Manar: "I’ll be able to make snowballs and throw them at my sisters," she says with a giggle.


Marxist Jill Carroll, has returned to the Middle East to report for the Christian Science Monitor, a newspaper spokesman said Wednesday. [more]


Being held hostage in Iraq can catapult a gal from a pedestrian UMass pedigree to the hallowed halls of Harvard. But it also apparently makes one rather full of oneself!
    So there was Jill Carroll, the Christian Science Monitor freelancer who spent 82 days as a hostage in Baghdad, popping into Shays in Harvard Square.

    Jill, a University of Massachusetts Amherst grad who is a fellow this semester at Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, was recognized by a FOX25 assignment editor who was hanging in the pub with pals.

The intrepid editor went over to Jill, introduced himself and attempted to chat her up.
    “She had come in with her salon of friends, and they were all talking their Harvard talk,” said Someone Who Was There. “But it’s a very open place, where everyone’s standing close together or sitting with each other, so people just feel free to talk to everyone.”

    Carroll seemed OK with the chit-chat until the editor inquired what she was up to post-hostage crisis.
    “I’m a fellow,” she huffed.

    OK, our hero replied, then he asked whether she would be interested in doing an interview with Channel 25 to catch viewers up on her current situation. Which didn’t exactly sit too well with the former reporter.
    “No,” said Jill rather snootily, “I’m not doing any press.”
    Hence, we assume, Jill’s failure to RSVP to our e-mail query about the matter.
    File Under: A Captivating Gal.



However, image.png would be more appropriate.

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Marxist/Treasonous/Terrorist Lynne Stewart will be sentenced Oct. 16, 2006 in Federal Court. HANG HER!


On February 10, 2005, Stewart was convicted of helping Omar Abdel Rahman pass his secret messages – urging violent terrorist attacks – to his Islamic Group followers.

Excellent background on Stewart from Discover The Networks


  • Self-proclaimed "radical activist attorney"
  • Represented Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, who was convicted of masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing
  • Was arrested for providing material support to Rahman’s al Qaeda-connected Islamic Group, an Egypt-based terrorist organization
  • Considers terrorists "liberationists"

Lynne Stewart is a hero of the National Lawyers Guild and a sought-after campus lecturer. While out on bail under indictment for colluding with a terrorist leader, she has been a sought-after speaker for law school audiences who relish her attacks on Attorney General John Ashcroft as a modern-day fascist and on her country for its imperialist and racist policies.

Stewart made national headlines in April 2002 when she was arrested for providing material support to the Islamic Group (IG), an Egypt-based terrorist organization with close links to Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network. The goals of the Islamic Group are the overthrow of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak-led government and its replacement with a fundamentalist Islamic regime. In addition, this group advocates the spread violence and mayhem to "infidel’ countries like the United States, and the destruction of Israel.

Stewart’s connections to the Islamic Group date back to 1995, when she represented the group’s spiritual leader, the notorious "Blind Sheikh," Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, during his federal grand jury trial in New York City. Rahman was convicted of helping engineer the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as a failed Islamic Group plan (known as "The Day of Terror") to destroy other Manhattan landmarks including the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, United Nations building, and George Washington Bridge. [more]


From Al Basrah website and according to the treasonous Zainab (Jill Carroll):

We Have No Problem With American People”

“Our Problem Is With Bush And His Government….”

The night before Jill Carroll was released, Abu Nour, her chief captor who claims to be a leader of the Sunni insurgency, ordered her to do one final interview.  He’d done about a dozen previous interviews, covering similar topics, but had later destroyed those notes. What follows are excerpts from his last interview, in broken English, with Ms. Carroll.


We can continue for 10 years

The American soldier comes from America.  He left his country, his family, his children, his wife.  He cannot see them, maybe six months or more.  This is very big problem because they are men….

The mujahideen, (we) can (leave) our homes for 20 minutes, hit the American soldier, and come back home.  So we (have fought) continuously now three years, and we can continue 10 years or more.  But Americans cannot continue one year.  It is impossible.

I have maybe 2,000 mujahideen in all Iraq, in all towns…. If I divide this into groups of 20, I have 100 groups.  So this means I have 100 operations in a week. So in a month I have 400 operations.  So if in every operation I kill only 2 soldiers, I kill 800 soldiers in a month. 

So (President) Bush is very tired because of this number of operations … so we are sure that the American army cannot continue in Iraq.

When the American army took me they hit me.  They hit me all over my body.  They took my money…. The problem is how the American soldiers are dealing with the people.

Why (does the) American government say the mujahideen are terrorists?  Sometimes when we try to hit the American soldier, or Iraqi soldier, sometimes we kill women and children in this operation.  We don’t want to kill the women or children, but this is war….

I want to send a message to the American people.

The mujahideen in Iraq, we have no problem with American people.  Our problem is with Bush and his government….

(It’s) no problem for Iraq, for the mujahideen government in the future, to send the oil to America and America to send to (the) Iraqi people the money or the cars or the computers or anything because the technology in America is very good.

We maybe go to America in the future to visit America.  Maybe send our sons as students in American universities.  We want to build our country.  We don’t want the war with any country. 

We want to build our country like the UAE (United Arab Emirates) because we know our country is very rich.  We have a lot of oil, and two rivers.  So we can build our country in a short time.

So we ask all the fathers and mothers in America, ‘You don’t want your sons killed in Iraq?’  We don’t want your sons killed in Iraq.  We don’t want our sons killed, also.  So we ask all fathers and mothers in America, ‘Why (do) your sons kill our sons?’

Iraq is very tired (after the) war in Iran and after that war in Kuwait and the war now.

We want to build the country very good and give every person a big house and a top car and make (it possible for) him to travel to the US and Europe and live like the other people in the world – like (the United Arab) Emirates people or Qatar people.

(The) American government or (President) Bush says we are terrorists in Iraq. If we finish this war, (he says) we (will) go to America to make problems in America.

This is not true.  We want to build our country.


Zainab’s interviews from The Christian Science Monitor

 For being a reporter/journalist as Zainab claims, she’s rather discombobulated in her recollections and in fact one might even ask; what the fuck is she on about? Check out these two videos and judge for yourself if this woman is not only whacked out but lying her ass off too.


Part 1: The kidnapping

An interview with an Iraqi politician turns deadly.


Zainab shows solidarity with the Mujahideen by keeping parts of her hair bright red.


Ya know I just gotta:           saddamjillmarriagegoat.jpg

 Jill Carroll will pop her jihadi head up soon announcing a book in the works about (in part anyway), the Badr-run detention centers.  

I wait with bated and inebriated breath…

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