Americans Who Hate America

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during a press conference Monday it was natural for World War II veterans to be “embittered” about Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Pearl Harbor, but they should get over it for the sake of America.

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Hillary made it quite clear where she stands:

Specifically talking about Republicans she said:

“What part of democracy are they afraid of?”

Had Hillary ever bothered to read what our Founding Fathers had to say about ‘democracy’, she’d know exactly what they were afraid of and why they created a ‘Constitutional Republic’ instead.

Democracy and Constitutional Republic are NOT synonymous.

She then said:

“We can renew the promise of our democracy.”

Sounds exactly like Obama and Fellow Travelers doing their damnedest to change our founding form of government from a Constitutional Republic (individual liberties) to a democracy (mob rule) and onto her oligarchy.


The crucial role that Latino voters played in denying Mitt Romney and Republicans the presidency got the attention of many political observers — and at least one hard-line opponent of immigration reform.

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One more time…

You cannot be in the United States illegally and be law-abiding.

Three New York City sociology professors traveled all the way to Tehran earlier this year to badmouth their country in front of America’s Islamofascist enemies, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports.

All three are leftists who support the increasingly violent, anti-American, anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street movement. The Iranian leadership and left-wing groups in the U.S. such as the terrorist-linked Code Pink also support the movement as a way of weakening America.

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From the Middle East Media Research Institute, excerpts from an interview that aired Monday on Al-Hayat TV with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

I met with the head of the elections commission. I think that the first step has gone well, and that elections have been held for the lower house that everyone has considered to be free and fair. So that’s one milestone, and the next will be the drafting of a constitution.

I can’t speak about what the Egyptian experience should be, because I’m operating under a rather old constitution. The United States, in comparison to Egypt, is a very new nation, and yet we have the oldest written constitution still in force in the world.

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…but they’re not, and here are a few examples why:

Excerpt From Discover The Networks

Flashback to 2007 :

The campaign mounted by campus leftists against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, which is scheduled to take place on more than 100 campuses during the week of October 22-26 has taken a new turn with the announcement of a counter-protest at the Washington Monument. The protest, which will be called “American Fascism Awareness Day” is being organized by Adam Kokesh of Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Students for Justice In Palestine, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee among others and will feature speakers such as congressman Dennis Kucinich and presidential candidate Ron Paul, anti-war activists Cindy Sheehan and Harry Karry and actor Sean Penn. According to a spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, one of the sponsors of the event, “This is an answer to the Jew Horowitz and the neo-conservative Zionists who dragged us into an imperialist war in Iraq and are spreading hatred against Muslims to support their war plans against the Republic of Iran.”

Flyers for the American Fascism Awareness Protest were distributed on at least ten campuses which are scheduled to hold Islamo-Fascism Awareness Weeks in 9 days. (The text of the flyer is reprinted below.)

                              Who Hates Americans? We Do.

                                    Your typical American is:

                                    Ø A racist. A sexist. A homophobe.

                                    Ø An Islamo-phobe.

                                    Ø Is willing to invade other countries for oil and pleasure.

                                    Ø Is easily manipulated by Rush Limbaugh and Jews.

                                    Ø Is the cause of global warming.

Join Us For American Fascism Awareness Day

Place: Washington (Slaveholder) Monument

Date: November 31, 2007

Time: 12PM-2:00 PM


                                        Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, congressmen
                                        Adam Kokesh, Iraq War veteran
                                        Chris Hedges, journalist
                                        Cindy Sheehan, Harry Karry, peace activists
                                        Michael Moore, Sean Penn, film-makers


Peace and Social Justice Crusade, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink, Muslim Students Association, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Students for Justice in Palestine, Revolutionary Communist Party, International A.N.S.W.E.R.,,,,,


What is IVAW’s Adam Kokesh (see American Fascism Awareness Protest story above) up to today, that is, when he’s not runnin’ around with communist Code Pink’s leader Medea Benjamin trashing U.S. landmarks and festivities?

Kokesh anchors the “Adam Vs. The Man” TV show on Russia Today, an English-language channel carried in the U.S. and other Western countries which is funded by the Moscow regime of Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer. The channel is considered a propaganda outlet for Russian intelligence services…

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Then there’s Scott Olsen, the former Marine who was injured while rioting in Oakland is the founder of I Hate the Marines Corps and a Jew Basher.

Scott Olsen is a member of communist front groups VFP and IVAW


Under the guise of patriotism they don camouflaged jackets and wave American flags to gain support/sympathy (Look! I’m a VET!) from the American public to help further their anti-American and specifically anti-U.S. Military agenda. Don’t be fooled folks. Iraq Veterans Against The War is a communist front group and these VETS are nothing more than filthy liars and traitors.

Just sayin’.

ATLANTA (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama was welcomed with thunderous cheers and told the 550 graduating from Spelman College, an historically black women’s school, that no matter where they go, they need to bring the school’s ideals to the world.

The graduates welled with pride upon her arrival, even as she clapped enthusiastically for their achievements. In Obama, the young women see the essence of the successful, black career women many of them hope to become. But her message to the Class of 2011 of service to others and helping the underserved also reflected her roles as first lady and a major campaigner for her husband.

Obama delivered four commencement addresses this season, and her choices were politically strategic as the president gears up for the 2012 campaign for a second term. She was in Iowa last week and in coming weeks will speak to graduating seniors at Quantico Middle High School in Virginia, to graduates whose parents serve at the Quantico Marine Base.

“Find those folks who have so much potential but so little opportunity and do for them what Spelman has done for you,” Obama said. “No matter where you go in the world, you will find folks who have been discounted or dismissed, but who have every bit as much promise as you have. They just haven’t had the chance to fulfill it. It is your obligation to bring Spelman to those folks. Be as ambitious for them as Spelman has been for you.”

Most of the crowd were predictably mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, or female cousins – all filling the 10,000-seat exhibit hall to see the first lady.

Obama’s appearance was a coup for the 130-year-old college, which competed with institutions across the country for her to appear as commencement speaker.

Her popularity, which rivals her husband’s in the black community, was built on her image as a strong, supportive wife and mother accomplished in her own right as a lawyer and corporate professional. That image changed some two years ago when she took on a much scrutinized role as matriarch of the country’s first black first family.

“I felt like Spelman stands for all that she stands for,” said Lindsay Alston, 21, of Los Angeles, who graduated with a degree in fine arts. “Being the first lady just adds to her esteem. She’s even more powerful, even more of a role model.”

Those in the audience shared similar sentiments.

“She definitely is a representation of what African-American women are about and what we are: believing in yourself and believing in your dreams, being proud of who you are,” said Terrolynn Perry-Ponder, who got a coveted graduation ticket from her sister-in-law. “We believe in giving back, making the world a better place, providing an opportunity for other people to achieve their dreams. Her role has changed, but she can empower more people.”

As first lady, Obama has continued to stick to the issues that carried her professionally for years – including health care and families – but she does not force her way into the policy arena, unlike an equally accomplished Hillary Clinton during her years in the White House.

In many ways, her changing responsibilities still speak to black women like Shandria Stanley. The 36-year-old Atlanta educator and her husband run a nonprofit after school and summer camp program focused on academics and athletics.

“Her mission for kids is our mission as well,” Stanley said, adding that her opinion of Obama has only gotten better. “She has a major role now. People are always watching her. It takes a special person to deal with everything it takes to be first lady.”

Marian Mereba, who graduated with an English degree, said Obama is still a working mother who is using her position for the greater good.

“She’s still a beacon of strength and intelligence,” said Mereba, 23, from Philadelphia. “She’s an amazing mother, which is also what a lot of us aspire to be. She shows that you can change the world and still raise a family.”

In speaking at Spelman, Obama talked directly to the members of her husband’s most loyal electorate. Turnout at the polls among black women in 2008 was 68 percent – making them the single largest voting bloc that helped Obama become the country’s first black president and a key demographic as he seeks re-election.

Many in this generation liken the Obamas to the real-life version of the fictional iconic black couple, Cliff and Claire Huxtable, the doctor-lawyer duo who, along with their family, represented the colored version of the American dream. Actress Phylicia Rashad – who played the role of Claire – shared the stage with Obama on Sunday, receiving an honorary doctorate degree.

While she gracefully declined to comment directly on the comparison, she called Obama “a great lady who represents many of the ideals of womanhood as powerful, dynamic, creative and nurturing.”

In an era where having it all – husband, career, children – is a bigger challenge than ever before for black women, here comes Obama. That’s why she excited this generation of Spelman about their own possibilities, without even trying to.

Perry-Ponder, who has heard Obama speak twice before and hopes to one day meet her to say thank you.

“She has moved from a state, to the nation, to the world,” said Perry-Ponder. “I get goose bumps just saying that.”

Accused: Bradley Manning is facing several charges over leaking thousands of classified emails and documents


The army private suspected of giving classified data to WikiLeaks is being moved to a ‘cushier’ medium security prison following international criticism of his treatment at Quantico.

Bradley Manning’s detention at the marine base in Virginia has been the focus of repeated protests from human rights groups and international leaders, putting pressure on the White House.

He is expected to move to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, as early as tomorrow, according sources at NBC News.

This could include a dramatic shift in the conditions of his confinement where he is locked up 23 hours day.

He may be housed in a new facility that holds inmates with short prison terms or those awaiting trial.

Manning currently eats all his meals in an isolated cell, permitted no contact with other prisoners and forced to wear chains and leg irons any time he is moved.

He has been often forced to strip naked at night or ordered to wear a ‘suicide’ smock  and stand nude in his cell for early morning inspection.

According to NBC,  at Leavenworth he will be placed in a new medium-security facility. Although locked in a cell at night, he will have some freedom of movement in an open day room.

There he will have contact and take meals with fellow prisoners, shower when he wants and have access to books and TV.

Manning, 23, faces nearly two dozen charges, including aiding the enemy, a crime that can bring the death penalty or life in prison.

U.S. military officials, who spoke to NBC, deny Manning was tortured, but one said ‘the Marines blew it’ in terms of how they treated him.

His move to a new detention centre comes about a week after a UN torture investigator complained that he was denied a request to make an unmonitored visit to Manning.

Pentagon officials said he could meet with Manning, but it is customary to give only the detainee’s lawyer confidential visits.

The U.N. official, Juan Mendez, said a monitored conversation would be counter to the practice of his UN mandate.

Two days later, a committee of Germany’s parliament protested about Manning’s treatment to the White House. And Amnesty International has said Manning’s treatment may violate his human rights.

President Barack Obama and senior military officials have repeatedly contended that Manning is being held under appropriate conditions given the seriousness of the charges against him.

A former intelligence analyst, Manning is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

These are said to include Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, confidential State Department cables, and a classified military video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack in Iraq that killed a Reuters news photographer and his driver.

Army prosecutors, however, have told Manning’s lawyers that they will not recommend the death penalty.

There are currently three detention facilities at Fort Leavenworth, including the military’s largest maximum security prison.

The new 464-bed facility, which opened in September, is a regional prison that combined the operations of several military prisons around the country.

The NAACP doesn’t plan to protest any events connected with today’s 150th anniversary of firing on Fort Sumter, but its leaders plan to hold a “teach-in” tonight.

The free three-hour event, called “The Truth about the Civil War and the Lingering Effects,” will include brief lectures by College of Charleston history professor Dr. Bernard Powers, NAACP state president Lonnie Randolph, national NAACP vice president The Rev. Nelson B. Rivers III, and Charleston School of Law board chairman Alex Sanders. Continue Reading


African hyphenated American my ass! Affirmative Action in Action. Nuff said.

Bonus: MSNBC’s Oreo Cookie

Dats Whut I’m Askin Yew—Da Pole–Eese

Anti-American race baiter cons I’m not a real reverend, but dumbasses will believe anything cuz I’m black even though I incite murder of Jews (and anyone not black)  Al Sharpton  and vile Marxist Cornel West argue over ‘blackness and POS Obama’.

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