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Not a fan of Info Wars, however, even a blind pig (Alex Jones) finds an acorn every now and then.


Once we transition our Republic into a democracy, we also remove our Constitution – our Bill of Rights.

Oligarchy here we come!


QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — An Alleman High School grad has had an adventurous life and is now making headlines again. Bill Albracht spent 25 years as a secret service agent, protecting six presidents and their families and other heads of state. But it is his service in the military that is taking center stage now.

Bill earned the distinction of being the youngest captain to command combat troops in Vietnam. Due partly to the incredible loss of commanders in war in the late 1960’s.  After holding the story in for decades, the highly decorated Green Beret is now on a nationwide book tour, telling his incredible story of the ultimate test of his will, not just to lead, but to survive.

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A series of changes included in a draft 2016 budget proposal under consideration by the Defense Department could raise commissary grocery prices, reduce store hours and cut employees.

The cuts could be included in the President’s 2016 budget set to be released early next month. The proposal is then sent to Congress for changes and approval, likely sometime late this year.

The plans included in the commissary draft proposal are likely to change before being added to the President’s final document, sources said.

Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) officials were tasked by the Defense Department with coming up with a $322 million cut to their current $1.4 billion operating budget, according to the documents labeled “not for release.” The proposals were first reported by Army Times.

Here’s what the proposed cuts could actually mean for you.

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Mocking treasured liberal slogans is as easy as shooting (bicycle-riding) fish in a barrel.

They helpfully print them on T-shirts and bumper stickers, for one thing—although over the years, in this as in all material matters, quality has taken a hit. At least the notion of Pentagon bake sales exhibited a sense of absurdist, curlicued whimsy. Those rosary-battered ovaries, though? Thud.

And yet, despite our mockery and their lack of creativity, the left keeps winning.

It doesn’t help that our side’s mottos are even less digestible—or incontestable.

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The IRS paid at least $6 billion in child tax credits in 2013 to people who weren’t eligible to receive them, a government investigator said Tuesday.

Payments went to families that mistakenly claimed the tax credit or claimed the wrong amount, as well as taxpayers who committed fraud, according to an audit by J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration.

The audit highlights problems with a tax credit that President Barack Obama has championed as a way to help low-income working families. Read More

See Also: IRS pays illegals $4.2 billion

And: Tax loophole costs billions

“ITIN holders are not required to prove legal residency, and ITIN applications are running at the rate of 1 million a year.”

The IRS claims that since they are not an immigration agency they don’t check legality of ITIN recipients.



Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has heard the FBI’s warning that the Islamic State may be targeting military members by tracking their social media posts. That does not scare him, though. In fact, he’d love to see Islamic State fighters show up at his door.

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