January 2017


Sean Hannity to Donald Trump: You’re a Constitutionalist.

Trump: Yes, I am.

No one in the world knows more about the U.S. Constitution than I do. Big league. BeIieve me. I start every morning reading two of the world’s greatest classics ever written : the National Enquirer and New York Post’s Page Six.

At my inauguration, which by the way, was the world’s biggest greatest bestest inauguration ever, believe me big league, I took the oath of Allegiance to our Constitutional Republic, and just 42 hours later , I said the United States is a democracy. Except for that, I’m big league. Believe me.

Boot Licker Sean Hannity: Hell Yeah!

Ironically…The bullhorn she is spewing her bullshit from was invented by a “White Man”.

Just Sayin’.