October 2016


Because as Donald says “we’re all one” …or something.

While I despise Hillary Clinton or any democrat (democracy) because I’m a ‘Constitutionalist’ woman.

Trump is touting democracy…again.

Apparently neither Trump or his supporters have ever read the Constitution. Article 4, Section 4: We’re a Republic. Democracy is antithetical to our Republic.

Listen: Democrat is derived from democracy (mob rule) and…

Republican is derived from Republic (rule by law). Though most “Republican elected public servants” today are actually democrats.

They get away with it because the rubes have no clue what our Constitution says. They can’t be bothered to actually read it and understand it.


As an alleged Republican how is Trump going to “save our Constitution” (Republic/individual liberties) while protecting democracy (mob rule)? You know the answer. Not happenin’.

A man arrested on allegations he raped one woman at an Aurora apartment complex and then returned to the same complex to try to force his way into another apartment worked as a police officer in Mexico, where he is accused of numerous sexual assaults, police records state.

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34:00 is where once again Christian Conservative Republican Mike Pence touts “democracy”.

Arsenal of democracy? WTF? Constitutional/Republican Principles, Mike Pence? Read: Article 4, Section IV of the U.S. Constitution.

Clearly, either Mike Pence has never read the U.S. Constitution or the Federalist Papers or he’s a Democrat dressed in Republican clothing.

A Republic…if you can keep it.

Hours after federal prosecutors filed charges against him, a Mexican national pleaded guilty Thursday to starting a wildfire that recently burned more than 45 square miles in the Sequoia National Forest.

A federal judge sentenced Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos, 29, to 13 months in prison and ordered him to pay $61 million in restitution for damage caused by the Cedar fire, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

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An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

Granted, we’ve not been governed as a Constitutional Republic for at least the last 150 years…

As our Republic dies so goes our Constitution “individual liberties” because, individual liberties do not and can not exist in a democracy (mob rule).   Of course all democrats (democrat is derived from democracy) are antithetical to our Republic. Anyone  touting “democracy” in our Republic (that includes Donald Trump and his surrogates), is either ignorant of our Founding form of government, or, an usurper.

You rubes better pay attention.

You cannot make this up! Virtually all Somalis who live in the US came here (we are told) as poor refugees (there are going on 200,000 of them). So how persecuted and fearful of returning home are they if many travel back and forth to Africa and the taxpayers of Minneapolis cover most of their rent while they are gone!

By the way, Somalis are not the only (fake) persecuted and impoverished ‘refugees’ who go ‘home’ for visits from time to time.

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Huma Abedin, center, spent Saturday night at a party with Barbara Bush, second from right, and Dakota Fanning, far right

George H. W. Bush isn’t the only member of the family who may be voting for Hillary next month.

His granddaughter Barbara Bush, one of George W. Bush’s twins, 34, spent Saturday night partying with Huma Abedin in Paris at a Clinton gathering – and paid at least $5,000 for the privilege.

It’s currently Paris Fashion Week and on Saturday Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and Huma hosted a Clinton Designed To Win fundraiser at a store followed by a private dinner at the home of a billionaire.

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