September 2016

What a way for the GOP-controlled Congress to end the legislative mandate given to them in 2014. It can truly be said that whereas Democrats are the Navy SEALs of political combat, Republicans are the NAVY SEALs of political capitulation. They managed to give Democrats everything they wanted in both houses, got it all passed by violating their own rules, and left town to campaign for re-election so they can … er … well … ahh … beat Democrats and … er … well … enact some more Democrat policies.

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Over the past half century, the Reagan years notwithstanding, our ruling class’s changing preferences and habits have transformed public and private life in America. As John Marini shows in his essay, “Donald Trump and the American Crisis,” this has resulted in citizens morphing into either this class’s “stakeholders” or its subjects. And, as Publius Decius Mus argues, “America and the West” now are so firmly “on a trajectory toward something very bad” that it is no longer reasonable to hope that “all human outcomes are still possible,” by which he means restoration of the public and private practices that made the American republic. In fact, the 2016 election is sealing the United States’s transition from that republic to some kind of empire.

Electing either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump cannot change that trajectory. Because each candidate represents constituencies hostile to republicanism, each in its own way, these individuals are not what this election is about. This election is about whether the Democratic Party, the ruling class’s enforcer, will impose its tastes more strongly and arbitrarily than ever, or whether constituencies opposed to that rule will get some ill-defined chance to strike back. Regardless of the election’s outcome, the republic established by America’s Founders is probably gone. But since the Democratic Party’s constituencies differ radically from their opponents’, and since the character of imperial governance depends inherently on the emperor, the election’s result will make a big difference in our lives.

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Chicago terrorist Shaker Masri wants out of prison early so he can attend college, and the I-Team has obtained a letter he sent to a federal judge where he made his case.

Masri, who wanted to blow up a busload of American soldiers, is currently in federal prison. However, according to court records he has also been accepted as a student at Harold Washington College in Chicago and is eligible for government tuition aid of almost $6,000.

So now, the Masri wants a federal judge to release him early to a halfway house near the college so he can restart his life.

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Pictures posted to Cetin's MySpace page show him holding what appears to be a rifle



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For a decade I’ve tried to explain this:

Oxymoronic Peaceful Protest

If you’re at peace — you’re not in protest


If you’re in protest – you’re not at peace.

There’s a difference between peaceful assembly and protest. A protest can never be peaceful in actuality.

Government Psyop Agitprop (Conditioning The People)

Government (and boot licking press) labels protest (e.g.: destruction of commerce/attacks on Caucasians/attacking-kidnapping people via stopping them on a road/storming restaurants, etc.) as peaceful. Why? To condition us to accept anarchy.  Here’s why. 1. The government creates anarchy. 2. The People have had enough anarchy and ask the government that created the anarchy to end it. 3. The government then implements very strict rules on The People in return of the promise to end it. Keep the people safe.

Why? Their end means is Oligarchy.

Democracy (mob rule-anarchy) is simply the gateway to oligarchy.


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