March 2015

Investigators continue to search for answers after a man’s body was found decapitated in Cameron County.

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PUBLISHED: 22:22 EST, 19 March 2015 | UPDATED: 11:55 EST, 20 March 2015

Michelle Obama, Akie Abe

”Cultural tour: First Lady Michelle Obama stood with Akie Abe, wife of Japan’s prime minister at Iikura Guest House in Tokyo, Thursday, as Mrs Obama began a tour aimed to promote girls’ education”

A senior editor at Mother Jones wants you to know that you should stop eating three meals a day for reasons including the fact that it is “racist.” Yes — she (or her editor) actually uses the word “racist:” “Dogmatic adherence to mealtimes is anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick,” proclaims the subhead to Kiera Butler’s Wednesday article, titled, “Why You Should Stop Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.” Here is her reasoning: When the Europeans came over to the United States, they ate three meals a day whereas the Native Americans ate in a less restricted fashion — a practice which Butler claims the Europeans considered to be unrefined.

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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — An Alleman High School grad has had an adventurous life and is now making headlines again. Bill Albracht spent 25 years as a secret service agent, protecting six presidents and their families and other heads of state. But it is his service in the military that is taking center stage now.

Bill earned the distinction of being the youngest captain to command combat troops in Vietnam. Due partly to the incredible loss of commanders in war in the late 1960’s.  After holding the story in for decades, the highly decorated Green Beret is now on a nationwide book tour, telling his incredible story of the ultimate test of his will, not just to lead, but to survive.

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Yeah, not so much.

Doesn’t matter. She throws out cutesy anti-Hillary soundbites and Pavlov’s Dogs eat it up while unquestionably ignoring her putrid past.

Sneed Indeed.