December 2014

Mocking treasured liberal slogans is as easy as shooting (bicycle-riding) fish in a barrel.

They helpfully print them on T-shirts and bumper stickers, for one thing—although over the years, in this as in all material matters, quality has taken a hit. At least the notion of Pentagon bake sales exhibited a sense of absurdist, curlicued whimsy. Those rosary-battered ovaries, though? Thud.

And yet, despite our mockery and their lack of creativity, the left keeps winning.

It doesn’t help that our side’s mottos are even less digestible—or incontestable.

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President Obama said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin “does not have good cards” in the high-stakes feud with the West over Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine.

“Putin does not have good cards, and he actually has not played them as well as sometimes the Western press seems to give him credit for,” Mr. Obama said in a meeting with business leaders at the White House.

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According to Congressman Justin Amash, Congress just passed a bill which grants the government and law enforcement “unlimited access to the communications of every American”.

When the Michigan lawmaker discovered that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 had been amended with a provision that authorizes “the acquisition, retention, and dissemination” of all communications data from U.S. citizens, he desperately attempted to organize a roll call vote on the bill.

However, the legislation was passed yesterday 325-100 via a voice vote, a green light for what Amash describes as “one of the most egregious sections of law I’ve encountered during my time as a representative”.

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Democracy in the United States is “a work in progress,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in a speech Wednesday, citing the Senate committee report on CIA interrogation programs and the controversy over deaths of African Americans at the hands of police in Ferguson, Mo. and New York City.

“Democracy is not a final destination; it is an endless journey,” he said, “And we see that right here at home.”

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The Department of Treasury is seeking to order survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system, according to a new solicitation.

The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country. The survival kit includes everything from water purification tablets to solar blankets.

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Five million is the widely reported estimate of the number of illegal aliens who will benefit from President Obama’s executive amnesty policy announced on November 20. These 5 million illegal aliens will be eligible for temporary legal status and work authorization if Congress does not act to prevent the administration from implementing its plan.

Five million is a big number that will have an enormous impact on our labor markets, social safety net programs, and vital social institutions. But it does not begin to tell the full scope of the sweeping amnesty program about to be carried out by executive fiat. In addition to the 5 million who will be permitted to live and work here legally, the president’s program will shield nearly all of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens from removal.

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