August 2014

Certain gun-related events affect us especially strongly, whichever side of the gun-rights debate we are on. The event often involves children who become the center of tragedies — caught in school shootings, in crossfire, or, what in some ways is worst, in their own acts performed innocently. A current example is the death, at the hands of a nine-year-old girl, of an instructor at the Bullets and Burgers Last Stop Arizona shooting range. We grieve for the instructor and his family, for the girl’s family, and in a particular way for the girl, who will grow up being the only person she knows who has killed another human being.

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Speaking of the ‘accidental’ death of a 9 year old girl… perhaps we should ban kids from sandy beaches.

Just Sayin’.


Yesterday in Colorado, illegal aliens confronted Paul Ryan as he was signing his bullshit book at a book store. Ryan was not happy about the confrontation; however, he deals with illegal aliens by simply running away. We The People don’t have the comfort or option of running away from them.

The video: illegal alien Greisa Martinez, a United We Dream National Organizer, illegally resides in Texas. She travels around the country harassing Reps and anyone she feels like harassing because she can. If you’re wondering, Obama’s ‘best and brightest’ don’t work (unless you call harassing people, work). We The People financially support her and her ilk.

On the 27th, illegal aliens tried to storm Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner’s office because…they can.

No one has the courage to stop these illegal aliens. The more they are given, they more they will take.



On the northern edge of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine, past the security checkpoint and high-tech stations for refurbishing nuclear submarines, is a derelict warehouse that once doubled as a sawmill. Building 129’s corrugated metal exterior is rusted and overgrown with bursts of ivy. Broken glass in some of the windows has been replaced with clear plastic. Inside, it takes a moment to adjust to the cavernous silence and dim orange lighting, but one immediately senses the hulking presence of the hangar’s inhabitant: a vessel called Ghost.

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DENVER – The first bills in a new, alternative currency will be released to Colorado businesses Friday evening.

COjacks are described as “the local currency for Colorado.” Co-founder Brok McFerron said the name was selected to be short and memorable, with the “CO” representing both Colorado and the word “cooperative.”

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Obama reacted to the on-camera slaying of photojournalist James Foley for five minutes on Wednesday, telling a global audience that ‘when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.’

Almost immediately after leaving the podium Obama teed-off and was seen laughing with friends and fist-bumping them during a five-hour round at Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard  – his seventh 18-holes in ten days.

The decision brought a chorus of condemnation from TV commentators, journalists, conservative partisans and Twitter users.

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters could hardly contain his anger Wednesday night on the Fox News Channel as he discussed Obama’s reactions to the ISIS terror network’s beheading of Foley, an American who had been missing since 2012.

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