February 2014

When Adriana Ramirez, a legal immigrant living in California, applied for citizenship, she wrote that she is a “conscientious objector” who will not bear arms for the United States because of her secularism. In late January, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services officials rejected her application because her “unwillingness is not based on religious training or belief.” But on Thursday, Ramirez sent a letter to the federal immigration agency to reverse its decision or risk a legal challenge.

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Speaking of The Beast…

The Beast dances with the “Super Sprowtz”

On Monday, 13-year-old Cartrail Robertson posted a picture of himself brandishing a 3.57 Magnum handgun onto Facebook – hours later he was accidentally shot dead by his 15-year-old friend.

Indeed, the baby-faced Memphis teenager uploaded a veritable gallery of disturbing gangster-style excess to Facebook that shows him holding another handgun, reclining in a chair smoking pot and fanning a huge wad of $100 and $50 bills.

His friends too have posted shocking images – in many of the pictures they appear to be waving semi-automatic weapons and in one staggering picture two teens are messing around with a handgun, pointing it towards a boys head.

And while police have declared the investigation into Robertson’s tragic death at the hands of Darrin Wilson, ‘closed’, their focus has shifted to discovering how two children managed to get hold of drugs, that much money and ultimately, the weapons.

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Does Darrin remind you of anyone?

Here’s a frightening example of government ineptitude; agents at the federal law enforcement agency responsible for cracking down on the illegal use and trafficking of firearms can’t keep track of their own work-issued guns.

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Those DREAMERS are doing a wonderful job of changing America… from well America.

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Saw this photo montage going around the web and the name is spelled Teriqka with an E and not an A Tariqka.

PFC Sheffey spells her first name with an A.

I found the source of what looks to be a fake account. POS Sheffey posted under sheffeynation.

Look folks, Sheffey’s real bullshit stands on its own, no need for this fake nonsense.

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Just Sayin’.

The Oregon Department of Energy has approved – yet again – the transfer of a business energy tax credit worth up to $10 million for an abandoned solar project in southern Oregon that new owners now hope to revive.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A congressional crackdown on illegal immigrants getting checks from the IRShas some cracks in it.

The proposed legislation doesn’t stop illegals from obtaining Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers and receiving more $1,000 child tax-credit checks.

Last year, those “illegal” payouts totaled more than $4.2 billion.

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