October 2013

The feds have threatened to criminally prosecute a novelty store owner who sells products—such as “Department of Homeland Stupidity” coffee mugs—making fun of the U.S. government. Could this be a matter of national security, or that Uncle Sam simply lacks a sense of humor?

To poke fun at the National Security Administration (NSA) the merchant, Dan McCall, sells T-shirts with the agency’s official seal that read: “The NSA: The only part of government that actually listens.” Other parodies say “spying on you since 1952” and “peeping while you’re sleeping.” The designs may seem funny—and possibly represent reality—but to the government it’s no laughing matter. In fact, it’s a serious issue worthy of an investigation and legal action.

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Elected officials from the Rio Grande Valley were in Washington, D.C., Wednesday to speak with U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, about ongoing issues between the United States and Mexico concerning Mexico’s fulfillment of requirements under the 1944 Water Treaty.

U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Brownsville, and state Rep. Eddie Lucio III, D-Brownsville, met with Cornyn along with other Texas officials to talk about Mexico’s failure to meet its water quota and forge a path toward compliance.

Under the 1944 treaty, Mexico is required to deliver allotments of water to the Rio Grande in exchange for the United States’ delivery of water to Mexico via the Colorado River.

While the United States has never failed to deliver water on time, Mexico has struggled to meet its requirements several times during recent cycles, exacerbating the impact of a long drought on farming and irrigation in the Valley.

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The girlfriend of Semyon Varlamov, starting goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche, told Denver police he kicked her, knocked her down, dragged her by her hair and told her in Russian that “if this were Russia, he would have beat her more,” according to police and court documents released Thursday.

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Photo and Jose’ page

Jose is special, he’s an illegal alien and can do whatever the hell he wants, like wearing (or posting a photo of) an Obama mask and dressing up as POLICE/ICE.

Just sayin’.

Flashback: Officials at the Missouri State Fair have banned for life a rodeo clown who entertained spectators during a bull riding contest while wearing a Barack Obama mask. “The rodeo clown won’t be allowed to participate or perform at the fair again,” the Associated Press reported Monday. “Fair officials say they’re also reviewing whether to take any action against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the contractor responsible for Saturday’s event.” Read More

Speaking of thieving Mexican filth: Obama Regime gives parasitic Mexican illegal alien family papers to stay in the U.S. indefinitely

KUSA – It’s a shocking thing to find on your door, and that’s why it’s effective.

Right in the middle of a signature drive to recall Democratic state senator Evie Hudak, door hangers are showing up in Hudak’s district in Westminster and Arvada.

The hangers say the people out collecting the 18,000 signatures necessary to set a recall are potential criminals; some are even possible sex offenders.

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We ain’t no stinkin’ ‘democracy’. We’re a Republic and specifically a Constitutional Republic.

A Republic…if you can keep it.

HOUSTON — A 30-year-old man is in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after surviving ten days of hell inside a southwest Houston home.

The man escaped from the house in the 11000 block of Bexley Drive on Wednesday around 2 p.m. He was wearing nothing but underwear and shackled at the ankles.

A neighbor in another part of the neighborhood called 911 after seeing the man scale a fence.

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If you get screwed by your cohorts during the commission of your crime…ohfuckingwell.

PUEBLO — Thirty black-footed ferrets bolted from cages onto barren ranchland Wednesday, potentially launching a new approach to rescuing endangered species — and introducing a natural predator of prairie dogs.

Although the federal government, led by biologists in Colorado, has bred thousands of black-footed ferrets in captivity, they still do not exist as self-sustaining species in the wild.

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A north suburban parks official says he’s standing up for the U.S. Constitution by sitting down during the Pledge of Allegiance.

But Morton Grove Park District Commissioner Dan Ashta’s symbolic actions have spurred an ideological tug of war with a local veterans group, which recently halted cash donations to the Park District until its entire board stands for the pledge at park board meetings.

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(CNSNews.com) – An organization that serves British and American soldiers and its families was told by Union Station security in Washington, D.C., Saturday that it could not play its bagpipes, because it did not have a permit.

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Flashback July 2013: After a protest at the W.H., Illegal aliens head to Union Station and protest, and they were not stopped and asked to leave. The Union Station protest starts about a minute into the video.

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