An illegal immigrant’s unprecedented quest to get his California law license will finally get its day in court.

After years of waiting, Sergio Garcia, a Chico man who has secured his law degree but not his U.S. citizenship, on Wednesday will be at the center of closely watched legal arguments in the California Supreme Court.

The justices are considering whether the state Bar can grant an illegal immigrant a card to practice law in California, a question entangled in the fast-moving, complex immigration debate unfolding across the country.

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Background on Garcia

I do believe that the Obama administration purposely argued against Garcia thereby allowing him to take it to the California Supreme Court wherein the precedent-setting ruling in Garcia’s favor will open the flood gates for illegals to practice law.

If an illegal alien can practice law, then why should a citizen be required to have a law license to practice?

One more thang: Garcia has a ‘clean record’ only because ICE has decided not to charge/prosecute him for the crimes he has committed and continues to commit daily. There is no such thing as a ‘law abiding illegal alien’.

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