Statewide test results released Wednesday show the achievement gap between Hispanic children and their white counterparts narrowing, but the slow pace of improvement suggests that shrinking the margin to single digits will take decades.

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A comment by JimB at the Denver Post:

“ Of course DPS must devote itself more to the underachieving schools because these schools are a majority Hispanic, and many of these kids come from families of illegal immigrants, and don’t have basic English skills to begin with. They must be taught the language first. I have done contract jobs in elementary schools that were about 98% Spanish speaking students. When you have to teach English first, then the curriculum, you’re already behind.”

JimB is spot on.

To add to that: Schools with a majority Mexican/Latino student demographic consistently rate well below average to abject failure on state tests all across the nation and that’s even when a school or district resort to cooking the books to boost scores. They cook the books and boost scores to keep federal funds flowing to keep their jobs.