Injustice: There are biased judges, and then there’s Debra Nelson, who’s presided over what can only be called a kangaroo court in the George Zimmerman trial.

The bias of Nelson, Florida Circuit Court judge and a lifelong Democrat, in favor of the prosecution and its efforts to railroad Zimmerman as a racist murderer has been palpable throughout the case. Her actions, which have actively aided the state, could poison jurors and factor into future litigation.

Her shameful rulings and behavior, therefore, are worth cataloging, and include:

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And: Debra Nelson appointed to the bench in 1999 by former governor Jeb Bush

Flashback: Eric Holder’s Black Panthers want a race war, want violence.  Ain’t scared to kill a cracker.

Flashforward: Saturday July 13th 2013

Yes Sir, Creepy Ass Cracker

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