PHOENIX — After being detained for two and a half years by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Eloy, Arizona, 39-year-old Maria Hernadez said she thought it was some sort of joke when suddenly last Saturday she was told she could go home.

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Also CNN posted March 1st 2013:

Ralph Isenberg is a rabid pro-illegal alien rube. A DUI in Georgia is a big deal:

Georgia’s new DUI law requires first-time offenders to undergo drug and alcohol evaluation. And if that evaluation deems necessary, the offenders must participate in strict, court-supervised substance-abuse treatment to decrease the likelihood of recurring offenses. Source

(Apparently, Perez is exempt from the program because it would impede his illegal alien rights)

Add to the DUI offense, Perez is illegally residing, driving, and working in the U.S. and who knows what other crimes he has committed.

Perez is now free to do as he pleases. And so is Miguel Hernandez…

CNN posted February 28th 2013

And: Illegal alien returns to illegal alien husband and six anchor rats

I don’t believe Sanchez was issued a ‘four year visa’ to return after being deported. I believe that whatever visa or documents she used to reenter were fraudulent (again) and she was caught (again). However, once you’re on U.S. soil, it’s a helluva lot easier at this particular time to get released from detention when pro-illegal alien groups are taking up the cause with a corrupt pro-illegal alien Obama administration.

Bush was only slightly better than Obama when it comes to releasing/pardoning illegal aliens; he was just quieter about it.