March 2013

ATLANTA (AP) – Nearly three dozen people are facing a deadline to report to jail after being charged in the Atlanta public schools cheating scandal.

The educators are required to surrender into custody by Tuesday, and a judge will decide their bond.

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WASHINGTON D.C. — On Monday, the mother and 10-year-old brother of shooting victim Hadiya Pendleton will join the Obama family at the White House’s Easter egg roll, a lawn party bursting with frivolity.

Then the work begins.

Hadiya’s Foundation, the family’s new cause confronting the epidemic of youth violence, could be up on the Web this week, said Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, Hadiya’s mother.

Hadiya was shot to death down Jan. 29 a mile from the Obamas’ South Side home. Now her family wants the memory of the vibrant 15-year-old to live on through the foundation’s work.

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Is a national holiday on the horizon for the man that instituted “wet lines”?

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Also: The late United Farm Workers leader was trained by the famous Chicago agitator, Saul Alinsky. Obama’s mentor and idol. Marxists of a feather…

And: Latino illegal alien faces a charge of intoxication manslaughter (according to Arlington Police Department, Ismael Vasquez-Peralta is an illegal alien)

And: Drunk Latino illegal alien driver kills citizen (Hennepin County Jail Records show that HERNANDEZ-CAMPOCECO, JUAN .RICARDO is an illegal alien felon)

And: Latino hit and run killer

And: 32 future Democrat voters found inside stolen van

Jean E. Soriano

According to Clark County Detention Center, Soriano is unlicensed. No word on his legal status.


An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in a southern Nevada crash early on Saturday that killed five members of a California family and injured the suspect and three others.

Jean Soriano of California was booked into the Clark County Detention Center after he was treated and released at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Loy Hixson said.

The crash happened at about 3 a.m. on Interstate 15 near the Utah line.

The teen’s sport utility vehicle struck a van from behind, causing both vehicles to spin out of control and roll near Mesquite, some 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, investigators said.

Seven family members from Southern California were in the van, and five of them were killed, authorities said. The other two were taken to the Las Vegas medical center in critical condition.

A 23-year-old passenger in the SUV also was treated at the hospital and released.

Soriano is believed to have been returning from a visit with family in Utah to his home in California at the time of the wreck, Hixson said.

Authorities didn’t immediately release his hometown or the names or hometowns of the victims.

Some beer bottles were found in the SUV, Hixson said, and troopers performed a blood-alcohol test on Soriano at the hospital. The results won’t be known for a couple of weeks, he said.

Hixson said the crash demonstrates why the Nevada Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies stress the importance of buckling up.

Only two of the seven people in the van were wearing seatbelts, he said. Four of the five who were not buckled in were ejected.

‘Unfortunately, so many in the van weren’t wearing seatbelts, and some might have survived had they been wearing them,’ Hixson told The Associated Press.

‘We see it so many times where people can survive simply by having a seatbelt on.’

The wreck also shows why the Nevada Highway Patrol and other agencies run frequent public service announcements discouraging drinking and driving, he added.

‘We put that message out for a reason – so we don’t have tragedies like this,’ Hixson said.

‘Unfortunately, it takes incidents like this to have people open their eyes. Some people need a reality check to get that message.’

The van was carrying a couple, their children and some aunts and uncles, he said. The only survivors in it were the 40-year-old female driver and a 15-year-old boy. Killed were three men in their 40s, a teenage female and an adult female.


While talking to authorities at the scene, neither the suspect nor his passenger initially admitted to being the SUV driver, Hixson said. But Soriano eventually said he was behind the wheel when the crash occurred.

A truck driver told authorities that he saw the suspect and his passenger initially walk away from the scene but eventually return. Source


Speaking of Latino illegal alien killers…

Wait for competency ruling continues in Guaman case

Background: Guaman is the illegal alien that slaughtered Matthew Denice — dragging him nearly a quarter-mile...

Recall: Coddled illegal alien repeat offender finally murders citizen and this is the same county set to release illegal aliens that have deportation holds

Check Out UnLicensedToKill


And it was at least partly my own fault. When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible. It wasn’t because we liked immigrants, but because we didn’t like Britain. We saw immigrants – from anywhere – as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was at the end of the Sixties. Also, we liked to feel oh, so superior to the bewildered people – usually in the poorest parts of Britain – who found their neighbourhoods suddenly transformed into supposedly ‘vibrant communities’.  If they dared to express the mildest objections, we called them bigots.

It couldn’t have been more obvious that ‘race’ wasn’t the problem. The thing that made these new residents different was culture – language, customs, attitudes, sense of humour.

Rather than them adapting to our way of life, we were adapting to theirs. This wasn’t integration. It was a revolution. Yet nobody – especially their elected representatives – would listen to them,  because they were assumed to be Powellite bigots, motivated by some sort of unreasoning hatred.

I now believe that the unreasoning hatred comes almost entirely from the liberal Left. Of course, there are still people who harbour stupid racial prejudices. But most of those concerned about immigration are completely innocent of such feelings.

The screaming, spitting intolerance comes from a pampered elite who are ashamed of their own country, despise patriotism in others and feel none themselves. They long for a horrible borderless Utopia in which love of country has vanished, nannies are cheap and other people’s wages are low.

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Although details are still somewhat sketchy at this point, based on press reports, it appears that AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce head Thomas Donahue reached a deal Friday night on immigration reform.

If, by what is being reported, the deal reached on low-wage immigrants is true, the impact on the private sector–and, thus, the economy–may be profoundly and negatively impacted for years to come as the deal reportedly establishes premium wage prices for those employers who traditionally employ low-wage immigrants.

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama attended one of the weekend’s big college basketball games after playing a round of golf Saturday.

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Over two dozen illegal immigrants were detained by Border Patrol on Saturday following two separate chases in La Joya.

La Joya police told Action 4 News the first incident happened on F.M. 2221 around 11 a.m.

They said a young man driving a van full of immigrants crashed, injuring a few.

The extent of those injuries weren’t made readily available.

The second incident happened near the river.

Police said they got a call about 30 immigrants crossing the Rio Grande River.

When police arrived to the scene, they were able to arrest all 30.

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