Readout of the Obama’s Meeting with Communist Hispanic Caucus Leadership

The President and Senior Administration Officials met this morning with leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss the need to make things fairer for and grow the middle class by fixing our broken immigration system so everyone plays by the same rules. The President thanked the Members for their long standing leadership on the issue, and reiterated that this is a top legislative priority.

The President was pleased to hear from CHC members and noted that they share the same vision, including that any legislation must include a path to earned citizenship. The President further noted that there is no excuse for stalling or delay. The President made it clear he will continue to lead on this issue, and that he looks forward to working with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other key Members of Congress in a bipartisan process to move this debate forward at the earliest possible opportunity.

The President will be traveling to Nevada on Tuesday to redouble the Administration’s efforts to work with Congress to fix the broken immigration system this year.


Everyone plays by the same rules, except of course, Hispanics.

Our immigration system isn’t broken — laws are just not being enforced.

Hispanics/Latinos are only 16% of the population and just 10 percent of the electorate, so, why all the Hispandering propaganda? Because it’s just that, propaganda. The Hispanics and their pals want you to believe that it’s a no win situation for you, that they wield all this power and you need to just give it up. Resistance is futile. You’re defeated.  Yada Yada.

Fuck Em! Fight back! And make it hurt!