His college classmates would never guess that Josue Daniel Aguilar’s quirky Internet alias is Danny Boy and his comedy routine has been featured on “Hoy!,” Mexico’s national television version of the Today Show.

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And: Arrogant Mexican Activist invader’s family arrested (again)/freed

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Ms. Arreola had been returned to Mexico in 1998 after she was caught trying to illegally cross the border into Arizona with Erika and two of her siblings in tow.

Ms. Arreola had been stopped by the police in nearby Mesa last year and detained for driving without a license.

After being seized on Thursday, she could have been sent back to Mexico in a matter of hours, but Obama administration officials moved quickly to undo the arrests. Officials had been pressured by the robust response from advocates — through phone calls, e-mails and online petitions, but primarily on Twitter, where they mobilized support for Ms. Andiola, a well-known advocate for young illegal immigrants, under the hashtag #WeAreAndiola. Source NYT

Andiola has often appeared on television discussing immigration rights with her mother. She has worked with Obama administration officials and members of congress on immigration reform. Source CNN

Unfuckingbelievable what this Mexican invader family is allowed to get away with thanks to the communist Obama administration.

And: Proud to be a lying, thieving Mexican invader

I am absolutely convinced that it is innate for Mexicans to lie, cheat, and steal.

And beg.

And: Third world shit. Taxes? We don need no steenkin taxes

And: Jimmah Carter and feds new initiative to grant citizenship wherever and to whomever