Parasitic Mexican invader filth Yohaira Montesinos, 21, protests the Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s decision to deny invaders the ability to obtain a driver’s license at Roger’s Plaza on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Montesinos and her parasitic invader family entered the United States in 1996 from Mexico.


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – More than 200 people plan to fill the City Commission chambers during a meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 4, and request help. Their problem: denial of driver’s licenses for young, undocumented immigrants.

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See Also: It may be hard to believe, but there may be as many as a quarter of a million undocumented immigrants driving around Illinois without a driver’s license.

Ponce can’t get one because he says he’s an undocumented immigrant.

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Mexican invader Alfredo Ponce speaking through a translator:

“I’ve been stopped twice. One was with a state trooper, and the issue was cleared up. And that was because I had a bad light in the back of the car. And the other one was I had an accident, and that case was also resolved. But still I think that this is an appropriate move”.

Apparently, if you’re an illegal alien without a license and insurance and stopped not once, but twice, and in an accident… nothing will happen to you.

This really isn’t about ‘safer roads’ anyway– it’s about a back-door tactic of issuing illegal aliens a form of identification via the state.

Springfield Protest Rally Set for Tuesday in the Capitol Rotunda at 10:00 AM

CHICAGO – Safer Families Coalition today launched a new television ad that slams Illinois Republicans for supporting an ill-conceived bill to permit 250,000 illegal immigrants to receive state-issued driver’s licenses.

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