Bitch Can Write a Book

She is an Army officer who gives interviews on sites that glorify female writers as “Bitches” or post her jokes about using crack. 

She is also someone who has been picked up on Twitter as decrying Rush Limbaugh for using the word “slut” in describing Sandra Fluke.

Good thing she doesn’t have any ‘sponsors’ and the Army doesn’t give a rat’s ass how their officers conduct themselves.

Fobbit Capt. Jessica ‘iamnotaslut’ Scott has managed to deploy just once in the last 11 years of war.  Of course she managed to deploy with her husband.  Once there, she spent large parts of her days blogging and as Jessica explains it: If it wasn’t for the Army issuing free birth control pills, she would have gotten pregnant and sent home.

War is Hell!…when you’re an “Author”.