March 2012

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) only takes action against a “small portion” of foreigners who overstay their visa—like several of the 9/11 terrorists—and allows hundreds of thousands to enter the United States without proper authorization under a provision that already relaxes scrutiny for dozens of countries.

It gets better. When congressional investigators demanded answers from the agency, officials said they had not yet completed a review of the cases to determine the extent of the risk. Your government at work!

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In press releases and ads, colleges love boasting they’re “military friendly” and “veterans friendly” — and that isn’t just because veterans are usually good students and campus leaders.

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A Stratford condo association has ordered a resident to take down a religious artifact that adorns most Jewish homes or face a penalty of $50 a day.

Barbara Cadranel said the controversy began earlier this year when board members at the California Condominiums asked her to take down her mezuzah, a prayer scroll in a small clear plastic case, that she has affixed to the doorpost of her home – as Jewish law commands.

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You only run twice.

The immigration courts in Seattle and three other cities that handle cases of nondetained immigrants facing deportation will close for an unspecified period of time while government lawyers review their deportation cases, with an eye out for those who may qualify for reprieve.

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See Also: Many Bay Area deportation cases will be dropped in June

Have you ever owned slaves? I haven’t. After years researching my ancestry in America and in Ireland going back to the mid-nineteenth century, I found no evidence that McLaughlins, Haggertys, Sullivans, McDonnells, Fitzgeralds, or any other branch of my family were slaveholders. Rather, many were near-slaves of British landlords. I feel no guilt about what happened to black slaves in America up to 1865, nor should I.

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In a ceremony befitting President Obama’s vision of a repentant postmodern America, a section of the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica has been named after a propagandist for Stalinist Russia and darling of the international left — the controversial African-American stage actor and social activist Paul Robeson.

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She grew up on a straight and narrow path, the eldest of four siblings reared on competition, mental discipline and fitness in a Northglenn home teeming with athletic facilities, motivational slogans and high expectations.

Groomed by success, she gravitated to the military.

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The Biggest Losers are coming to the White House. NBC says contestants on its “The Biggest Loser” program are whisked to the White House in a two-part makeover episode set to air on April 3 and April 10.

In the first episode, the contestants get a surprise video message from Michelle Obama inviting them to the White House, where they are reunited with family members after undergoing a makeover. In the second installment, they meet the first lady, who talks to them about healthy living. And then the contestants, their families and the first lady all work out together at the White House.

According to NBC, Mrs. Obama also challenges the contestants to see who can sign up the most participants for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.


Illegal alien Daniela Pelaez goes to Washington

FYI: Valedictorians at North Miami High are simply chosen: Valedictorian is not based on grade.

Colombian illegal alien helped draft new law ‘STARS Act’ with RINOs Rivera and Rubio

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