January 2012

Without a new kidney, Jesus Navarro will die.

The Oakland man has a willing donor and private insurance to pay for the transplant. But he faces what may be an insurmountable hurdle in the race to save his life: He is an illegal immigrant.

Administrators at UC San Francisco Medical Center are refusing to transplant a kidney from Navarro’s wife, saying there is no guarantee he will receive adequate follow-up care, given his uncertain status.

Their decision is a stark illustration of the tension between health care and immigration policies in the state and underscores the difficult role medical professionals play in trying to save the lives of undocumented residents.

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Updated: Leftist Contra Costa Times/Mercury News continue to shill for sick Mexican invader–Oakland Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente and San Jose Councilman Donald Rocha pledge their help

There is no escaping Spanish inside Room 510.

The classroom walls explode with vibrant posters and banners welcoming students to class (Bienvenidos), illustrating the cuisine of Spanish-speaking countries (Paella, Salsa de Mole, Cuy Picante), and giving translations for common classroom objects such as pencil sharpeners (el sacapuntas).

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Encouraging non-assimilation–courtesy U.S. tax dollars.

Gringa, if you haven’t guessed, is a derogatory word. Yeah well, two can play that game.  She’s the ‘typical’ parasitic Spicano slut that will be pregnant and will have dropped out of school by the time she’s 15.

Just sayin’.

There’s been a heap of criticism placed upon President Barack Obama’s domestic policies that have promoted government intrusion and prolonged our fiscal crisis and his foreign policies that have emboldened our enemies. Any criticism of Obama pales in comparison with what might be said about the American people who voted him in to the nation’s highest office.

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Yuma County Superior Court Judge John Nelson ruled last week that Cabrera lacks the English language skills required by state law to serve on the council.
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Breaking news: When it came to the collapse of the bubble that touched off the 2008 meltdown of the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve was a placid herd of clueless blockheads. Less than two years before the housing market turned kamikaze, Fed officials were gathering around conference rooms congratulating one another on what a genius job they were doing managing the economy.

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TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The gay marriage debate in New Jersey is heating up and has fueled plenty of name-calling.

On Monday, Gov. Chris Christie referred to an openly-gay state lawmaker as “numb nuts” after that Democratic Assemblyman compared him to two former segregationist governors from the South.

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AURORA — The Uzbek refugee facing terrorism charges in Denver was a merchant turned human-rights activist who tried to defend farmers, opposed Uzbekistan’s dictator after a 2005 massacre, endured a detention that left him bloody, saw his sister arrested on a false murder charge, then fled by night to neighboring Kyrgyzstan dressed as a woman.

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I  have long contended that the US’ largest and most militant labor organization the Service Employees International Union, is allied to, or subordinate to, the country’s largest Marxist organization – Democratic Socialists of America.

Here is proof of this connection, from the latest edition of DSA’s Democratic Left, Winter 2011/2012, page 11:

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January 30, 1968–Tet Offensive


The Tet offensive of 1968 must surely be regarded as one of history’s chameleon campaigns. When the North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops assaulted targets throughout the Republic of Vietnam at the end of January 1968, they expected to trigger an uprising of the South Vietnamese people against their government. Despite some spectacular early successes, the attacks failed. The South Vietnamese did not embrace the cause; thousands of sappers, assault troops, and cadres met their deaths before overwhelming allied counterattacks; and the insurgent infrastructure was so decimated at the end of the fighting that no large enemy offensives could be mounted for four years.

Nonetheless, the Tet offensive was a turning point in the war, and the North Vietnamese were successful in altering the course of the war far beyond the accomplishments of their army. The American people were shocked that the Vietcong/ North Vietnamese Army (VC/NV A) possessed the strength to make the widespread strikes. In the public clamor that followed, President Lyndon Johnson announced a bombing halt and withdrew from the 1968 Presidential race. The policy of Vietnamization was launched, and many Americans concluded that the war was too costly to pursue.

It has always been clear that the press played a vital role in this dramatic shift of opinion. It has been evident that dissatisfaction with the war among media opinion-makers helped form an American public attitude of discouragement. Nonetheless, much of the assessment of the media’s role in the war has heretofore been impressionistic and conjectural.

The publication of Big Story now replaces impressions with fact, conjectures with cold analysis.* The book presents the findings of a truly staggering study of the role of the press in this crucial military event.

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