November 2011

Mayor Julian Castro is taking a stand to reduce teen pregnancy.

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This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough talked about President Obama’s terrible poll numbers and said that some think “David Plouffe is now acting as president of the United States.”

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States offering in-state college tuition rates to illegal aliens — but not to all American students — are brazenly violating federal immigration law.Currently, 12 states – California, Texas, New York, Utah, Washington, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Maryland, and Connecticut – are circumventing this unambiguous federal prohibition, while the Obama administration turns a blind eye to their violations.

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Valley Central

New details are emerging surrounding the death of an 18 year old who committed suicide this weekend.


Joaquin Luna’s death has captured national attention after the family told Action 4 News Joaquin killed himself over immigrant concerns and the Dream Act.


Tuesday, sources close to the investigation reached out to Action 4 News claiming that is simply “not true.”


They said the suicide letters left behind did not mention Luna’s concerns over the Dream Act or his immigration status.


Sources went on to tell Action 4 News Joaquin left behind eight to nine letters each dedicated to people close to him including his sisters, brothers and even his best friend.


We asked the family about the claims.


They admit, they haven’t seen the letters, but said they’re sticking to their belief that he committed suicide because he feared his future as an undocumented immigrant.


Luna’s cousin told Action 4 News before Joaquin took his life Friday night, he had mentioned he wanted a better life but couldn’t have one because of his legal status.


But Joaquin was an “A,” “B” student at Juarez-Lincoln High School and Principal Clem Garza said staff saw a different side of Joaquin.


She said he never mentioned the Dream Act or showed signs that he didn’t believe he would be able to attend college or have a career.


“The signs that he exhibited were ‘I’m determined to make it'” said Garza.


Garza showed us his college essay and even an email sent by Joaquin earlier this month indicating his plans to send the essay to different universities in hopes of getting scholarships.


The school counselor told us he was still in the process of sending those essays.


Staff and students remain baffled as to why he would take his life.


They said he had shown motivation and determination to go to college and become an engineer no matter what.


La Joy I.S.D. Statement


“La Joya ISD wishes to extend their deepest condolences to the family of Joaquin Luna, Jr. Joaquin was a model student at Juarez-Lincoln High School who excelled not only academically, but also stood out as an excellent guitar player. He was a straight-A student who embodied La Joya ISD’s philosophy of ensuring that every student has the opportunity to receive a quality education. La Joya ISD encourages all students to be college and career ready, and ensures that each student has the necessary resources to further their educational career.  Additional counselors and administrators will be available at Juarez-Lincoln High School to students who are in need of  grief-counseling. The La Joya Independent School District community extends their heartfelt sympathies to Joaquin’s family at this very difficult time, and will keep Joaquin and his friends and family in their thoughts and prayers”


Dr. Alda T. Benavides, Superintendent


Funeral Arrangements


Family and friends will be paying tribute to Joaquin’s life tomorrow starting at 9 a.m. at the Ric Brown Funeral Home in Mission.


A rosary will be held at 7 p.m. followed by his burial Thursday morning.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A day after a 14-year-old boy was murdered in his family’s apartment, Mayor Angel Taveras, state legislators, city councilors and other community leaders crowded into the Providence police weekly command staff meeting to talk about what they could do.

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Mayor Angel Taveras is the child of Dominican Republic illegal aliens: the boy (the police and family can’t agree on his age) is from the Dominican Republic too. Instead of removing the illegal alien breeder mother and her five violent gang banger illegal alien boys, Taveras would rather remove  the 2nd Amendment right from law abiding citizens to protect themselves from illegal alien gang bangers.

A bit more background here  (read the comments–that’s where you get the shit the media won’t tell you)

ANAHEIM – Local Muslims who read a Register story about a District Attorney’s Office investigation that determined an Anaheim market was falsely selling meat as halal said they are outraged and considering legal action. Continue Reading

There’s an old saying popular among liberals and leftists: “Anti-Semitism is the socialism of the stupid.” The aphorism attempts to account for the troubling resemblance of the main propaganda line for socialism — there is a small, infinitely powerful, infinitely wealthy cabal at the center of society that controls the entire economy — with the other propaganda line that there is a small, infinitely powerful, infinitely wealthy, Jewish cabal at the center of society controlling everything. According to this flippant dismissal, only a stupid person would distort the shining truths of socialism by muddying them with theories about race or religion.

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Michael Ramirez Cartoon


IBD Cartoons

Rep. Barney Frank will be remembered for three things: First, he was not only the first openly gay member of Congress but the first involved in a gay-prostitution scandal. Second, he said, “I do not want the same kind of focus on safety and soundness” regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as exercised with regard to other government-affiliated agencies, preferring, as he memorably put  it, to “roll the dice a little bit.” Third, he was co-author of the Frank-Dodd financial-reform legislation. Which is to say, Representative Frank will be remembered as an embarrassment, a reckless gambler, and a legislative malefactor. Continue Reading

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