Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (at left), friends and family pay their respects to Zurana Horton during her viewing Saturday at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn mother of 12 killed while shielding children from gunfire was mourned Friday as a hero.

Zurana Horton, 34, was shot in the chest as she dove in front of several kids when a gunman opened fire from a Brownsville rooftop Oct. 21 – claimed by a bullet meant for someone else.

Her family and friends wept openly as they gathered at Cornerstone Baptist Church to remember Horton’s heroic sacrifice. Continue Reading


Pumping out 12 kids, living off the gubmint teat, and gettin’ off’d by some Latino gang banger is ‘heroic sacrifice’? Lauding ever-breeding welfare queens as heroic and sacrificing only perpetuates the glorification of a failed nanny state. Never mind that it makes an absolute farce in the meanings of ‘heroic’ and ‘sacrifice’.

Just sayin’.