October 2011

The pastor of a Hillsboro church has apologized to the community for a tract that was handed out to trick-or-treaters during Beggars’ Night Thursday.

At least one Greenfield parent was unhappy about the pamphlet, which depicted a child hanging from a noose on one of the comic-book style pages.

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Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Money burns a hole in the pocket of some people. Power does the same for some presidents. How else to explain President Barack Obama’s creation of his own variant of Germany’s fabled Afrika Korps, to serve in a small guerrilla war in Uganda? Continue Reading


(AP) BISMARCK, N.D. – Farmers in the state that leads the nation in the production of a dozen crops want a right to farm enshrined in the state constitution.

The North Dakota Farm Bureau is gathering support for a proposed constitutional amendment that would restrict regulation of farming and ranching in the state. If the group gets enough signatures on petitions, voters will decide the matter next year.

State Farm Bureau President Eric Aasmundstad (AHS’-mund-stad) says the goal is to protect the future of North Dakota’s agriculture industry before animal welfare groups push through unreasonable regulations.

But some officials say the proposal might actually hurt farmers by taking away their ability to protect their own property against everything from a neighbor’s livestock odor to the unwanted spread of biotech crops.

If the unwashed and odiferous masses of Occupy Wall Street – that less-than-one-percent of the American population, most of whom are at work and do not have the free time to camp out in public or private parks – originally gathered to protest a grab-bag of disparate, alleged and imagined offenses, they are now getting direction from the undead of the Left. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is being given guidanceby those who know what they want. Power. Continue Reading

Idiot blocks cops path and gets his foot run over… retaliates and pays the price.

Flash back to fall 1992: A Miami doctor was convicted of Medicare fraud, after he wrote prescriptions for respiratory equipment for poor Belle Glade residents whom he never saw.

Flash forward 19 years to fall 2011: The same physician, Frank J. Ballesteros, was indicted along with 23 others on charges of peddling pain killers and bilking Medicare for millions — again for allegedly signing fraudulent prescriptions.

Now Ballesteros, 57, cannot practice medicine because he’s being held at the Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami. A magistrate judge has denied his bid for bond, saying he is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

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KTSM El Paso Texas

JUAREZ – Tonight a United States Soldier is jailed in Juarez.

Mexican Police say they stopped a red Jeep with Texas plates that was speeding in the North part of the city.

Officers identified the driver as Francisco Gonzales, 51. They say he is a U.S. Soldier and was drunk and armed with a gun when they pulled him over.

We’re now working to find out if he’s from Fort Bliss.

Mexican Police say they identified him using government documents that he had on him.

A mother's grief

Many criminal suspects flee the U.S. each year to evade trial for murder, rape and other serious felonies. Breakdowns in the criminal justice system allow the suspects to escape, then cripple efforts to bring them to justice, although Tribune reporters found eight Chicago-area fugitives during an 18-day trip to Mexico. Continue Reading

 	Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (at left), friends and family pay their respects to Zurana Horton during her viewing Saturday at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn mother of 12 killed while shielding children from gunfire was mourned Friday as a hero.

Zurana Horton, 34, was shot in the chest as she dove in front of several kids when a gunman opened fire from a Brownsville rooftop Oct. 21 – claimed by a bullet meant for someone else.

Her family and friends wept openly as they gathered at Cornerstone Baptist Church to remember Horton’s heroic sacrifice. Continue Reading


Pumping out 12 kids, living off the gubmint teat, and gettin’ off’d by some Latino gang banger is ‘heroic sacrifice’? Lauding ever-breeding welfare queens as heroic and sacrificing only perpetuates the glorification of a failed nanny state. Never mind that it makes an absolute farce in the meanings of ‘heroic’ and ‘sacrifice’.

Just sayin’.

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