July 2011

The U.S. Secret Service does more than protect Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. —  the agency also pays him rent. Continue Reading

It’s been an historic debate in Washington D.C., with far-reaching ramifications.

For example, Illusionist David Copperfield, who once made the Statue of Liberty disappear, faces a significant career crisis because he knows he’ll never be able to make simultaneously disappear the the ability of 435 people to balance a checkbook.

Unfortunately, The City Wire has not provided adequate coverage of this high stakes showdown in our nation’s capital. We tried. Didn’t have the stomach for it. The rhetoric, hyperbole, twisted facts, political spin and outright lies were too noxious — and that was just from the talking heads on MSNBC and FOX News. Continue Reading

SANTA FE — After seven months in office, Gov. Susana Martinez is about to enter the national spotlight for a policy decision on the explosive issue of immigration.

Martinez, a Republican, is in the midst of ordering 10,000 people to appear in Albuquerque to document that they are New Mexico residents.

Some are undocumented immigrants. Others could be U.S. citizens. All are in a pool that the state Motor Vehicle Division refers to as its database of “foreign national” drivers.

It contains the names of about 85,000 people. Martinez wants her administration to check 10,000 of them to gauge how much fraud has occurred in New Mexico’s system of licensing drivers who are in the country illegally. Continue Reading

The local avocado industry was able to avoid problems caused by a severe shortage of farmworkers needed to harvest this year’s fruit because of a light crop that also helped lift profits. Continue Reading

A news release titled: “Former home healthcare aide guilty of defrauding an elderly couple” appeared on the ICE Website a few days ago. The excellent work by the Special Agents of ICE was carried out by ICE’s New York Office, the office where I spent my entire career. Certainly the agents who conducted this investigation did an excellent job and should be commended for their achievement.

A few serious questions, however, remain.

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(CNN) — Actor Matt Damon rallied teachers Saturday at a march in Washington decrying the widespread use of standardized testing to judge how well teachers, students and schools are performing.

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FORT IRWIN, Calif. — More than two dozen assault rifles have been stolen from a Southern California military base, and investigators sought the public’s help as they looked to arrest suspects and recover the weapons, federal officials said Friday.

Twenty-six AK-74 assault rifles and one Dragunov sniper rifle were stolen from a supply warehouse at Fort Irwin in San Bernardino County on July 15, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says in a statement. Continue Reading

HARTFORD, Conn. —- For Ensign Peggy LeGrand, the biggest concern about serving on a submarine is not spending weeks at a time in tight quarters with an entirely male crew. What worries her is the scrutiny that comes with breaking one of the last gender barriers in the U.S. military.

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Story Here: Huge pot bust in Northern California national forest

Is it possible that the latest pot plantation discovery isn’t the handy work of Mexicans? Sure, but what the hell are the odds that it isn’t, and why won’t officials tell us exactly who they nabbed? They had no problem naming the Mexican drug cartel in the past. Just sayin’.

Friday, October 29, 2010–I-Team goes on pot raid in Mendocino Nat’l Forest

Mexican Drug Cartels Set Up Shop in California Parks

Mexican drug cartels shift to growing marijuana on this side of border

Mexican drug cartel infiltrates Colorado’s forests

Utah officials clear large Mexican pot grow in national forest

Mexican pot cartels sully U.S. forests, parks

An extramarital affair that began on Craigslist has cost the former top enlisted Special Forces Command soldier his position and is forcing him to retire early, he testified in Cumberland County court Friday.

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