By Daily Mail Reporter

The Christian fundamentalist threatening to burning a copy of the Koran this weekend was expelled from a previous church for Islamophobic behaviour and creating a ‘climate of control and fear’.

Reverend Terry Jones plans to set the Muslim text alight in his Gainsville, Florida church despite the move being condemned by the White House and various religious groups around the world.

President Barack Obama even made a personal plea to cancel the event – set to take place on September 11 – on the ABC network’s Good Morning America programme, urging the reverend to reconsider his actions.

He said the action – referred to as ‘Burn a Koran Day’ by Jones – could result in a ‘recruitment bonanza for al Qaeda’.

But this is not the first time the pastor, 58, has attracted attention for anti-Islam behaviour.

The former hotel manager is author of a book called Islam is of the Devil and founded the Dove World Outreach Centre, which attracts radical evangelists.

And prior to bringing his own brand of preaching to America, he was ejected from a church in Cologne by congregation members in 2009 for being a Christian fundamentalist.

Stephen Baar, one of the current pastors of the Christian Community of Cologne church in west Germany, told news agency DPA Jones expected ‘blind obedience’ from those who came to worship.

In addition to forbidding free expression, there were a number of ‘financial irregularities’ when Jones and his wife Sylvia were in charge.

Andrew Schafer, an official responsible for monitoring churches in the region of Cologne said people who were ministered by Jones are still in therapy for ‘spiritual abuse’.

Speaking to news website Spiegel Online, he also claimed the pastor taught a ‘distinct demonology’, telling congregation members to beat their children with a rod

‘Terry Jones appears to have a delusional personality,’ he added.


So, Jones is a delusional Christian fundamentalist for speaking out against Islam, even though he has never advocated physical harm to anyone, but Muslims shouting Death To America/Americans are apparently well rounded clear thinking individuals.