September 2010



NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — It’s not unusual for Ben Flores to find glasses, jewelry and other treasures while scuba-diving in the Comal River, but he believes an old bronze medal encrusted in mineral deposits may be his biggest find yet.

At first, Flores said he thought he’d found a simple toy sheriff’s badge and was surprised when a fellow diver told him it was more likely a Congressional Medal of Honor.

“In my lifetime, I doubted I would ever see one or actually touch one,” he said. “To actually hold one in your hand is a very humbling experience.”

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor that can be bestowed to members of the Armed Forces.

Only 3,477 people have ever received one, according to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Flores quickly took the medal to an antiques expert, who told him that aside from the fact that the metal loops are not brass, as they should be, he’s 90 percent sure the medal is authentic and estimates it’s about 50 years old. However, most distinctive markings are worn off or encrusted.

Flores said he plans to take the medal to an expert to have some of buildup removed in hopes that an inscription can be uncovered on the back to help lead to the owner.

He said he’ll do whatever he can to get the medal to its rightful home.

“I can’t keep this item,” he said, “When I was a kid, these were basically my heroes. This would be the ultimate, to get it back to whoever it belongs to.”

Anyone with information about the owner of the medal should contact Flores at 830-832-2211

By Daily Mail Reporter

The U.S. navy’s stunning new assault ship has been taken out to sea for its final test trials.

The USS Independence (LCS 2) is a small transport vessel designed to undertake multiple missions, which due to its trimaran design can reach speeds of more than 40 knots (46mph).

The 419-foot vessel was built at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, has a range of 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km) and can also operate in water less than 20 feet deep.

Test: The USS Independence (LCS 2) underwent seas trials before its final inspection by the Navy
Test: The USS Independence (LCS 2) underwent seas trials before its final inspection by the Navy
Impressive: The Independence was built at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama
Impressive: The Independence was built at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama
Rapid: The USS Independence (LCS 2) is capable of speeds of more than 40 knots
Rapid: The USS Independence (LCS 2) is capable of speeds of more than 40 knots

The Independence’s mission bay is 15,2000 square feet and takes up most of the lower deck.

It can support the operation of two Seahawk helicopters, multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or one CH-53 Sea Stallion-class helicopter.

In addition to cargo, the bay can also carry four lanes of multiple Stryker combat vehicles, armoured Humvees, plus their associated troops.

Austal USA won the contract to construct the impressive ship in October 2005 and her keel was laid down in January 2006.

The development of the Independence has experienced a number of problems in recent years with the total projected cost of the ship now standing at $704 million – compared to the original prediction of $200 million.

Shallow: The new ship can operate in water less than 20 feet deep 
Multi-purpose: The 419-foot vessel can support the opeartion of two Seahawk helicopters, multiple=
Multi-purpose: The 419-foot vessel can support the opeartion of two Seahawk helicopters, multiple UAVs, or one CH-53 Sea Stallion-class helicopter
In addition to cargo, the ship's bay can also carry four lanes of multiple=
In addition to cargo, the ship’s bay can also carry four lanes of multiple Strykers, armored Humvees, plus their associated troops

After christening the ship and completing its maiden voyage, the navy asked for an additional $5.3 million to correct problems found during sea trials.

When the ship was commissioned in January, Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations, praised its versatility and the support it will provide.

‘LCS will have the capability… to secure the littoral regions upon which communities rely on for food, transportation and for their well-being and to protect critical choke-points in the global supply chain, to launch unmanned air, underwater and surface vehicles that will keep our trade at sea and our men and women ashore safe from harm,’ he said.

Vice Admiral D.C. Curtis, the Commander of Naval Surface Forces, added: ‘LCS is the future of our surface Navy.

‘This program will complement the strengths of larger warships. LCS will be a deterrent of green and brown water threats; the flexibility, versatility, and smart design of Independence make it well suited for joint operations.’

Dan Bidstrup–Denver Gun Rights Examiner

Safety Bullets
My brother and I came across this item at our local gun show this last weekend. This product is a workable solution to the problem of keeping a loaded gun available for instant use while also being safe from accidental discharge.  Many states and localities require that all guns in any home be disassembled or locked up when not in use.  Grabbing your gun and the finding the key for the trigger lock at 3AM requires more time than you might have if someone is crashing though the door.  On the other hand, having a loaded handgun in your house unprotected is a risk to small children and idiots.  It could even be dangerous to you if bad guys were to get to your weapon before you do.

     The idea is quite elegant.  If a safety bullet is fired, the small primer charge expands a plastic wedge in the barrel and locks the gun up.  The slide won’t move to eject it and removing the magazine is of no help.  The gun pretty well becomes a paperweight.  The idea is to keep one in the chamber so if someone simply picks up the gun and pulls the trigger, the gun is a paperweight.  If they rack the slide to chamber a shell, they eject the first one and load the second one.  When they pull the trigger, the gun becomes a paperweight.
     When you need the weapon to truly fire, you cycle the gun twice and the two safety bullets are ejected.  Now a live round is loaded in less than 2 seconds and you can defend yourself.  There is no key to find, no box to open, no odd procedure to remember, just rack your gun twice. The makers tell me that the device complies with the Child Access Prevention laws of all states and is patented.
     The pair of safety bullets is sold with a device to  remove a triggered round with no harm to the weapon in about 2 seconds.  Available in 9mm, 38 caliber, 40 caliber and 45ACP, the two safety bullets and removal tool sell for about $25.  The website, sell to you directly, or you can look for a local dealer.  Safe and effective is as good as it gets.

Gloria Allred and Nicandra Diaz Santillan

POS Attorney Gloria Allred, left, escorts felonious illegal alien Nicandra Diaz Santillan

By Michael J. Mishak and Phil Willon— Los Angeles Times

Reporting from San Jose and Los Angeles

California Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman acknowledged Wednesday that she paid an undocumented worker to clean her residence and provide other services in her home for nine years but insisted that she had been unaware of the woman’s immigration status.

Whitman, who has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration, said her family hired Nicandra Diaz Santillan through an employment agency to which Diaz Santillan had provided documentation suggesting she was an American citizen. Whitman said Diaz Santillan showed her a copy of her Social Security card and California driver’s license, and campaign officials distributed those documents to the media.

Whitman said she fired Diaz Santillan in June 2009 after the woman revealed that she was living in the country illegally.

Diaz Santillan, by contrast, said at a news conference in the office of her attorney, Gloria Allred, that Whitman had been aware she was undocumented and used that knowledge to exploit her.

Whitman’s aides were quick to note that Allred is a longtime supporter of Democratic candidates.

The controversy poses potential threats to Whitman’s campaign. A similar incident severely damaged Michael Huffington’s effort to be elected U.S. senator from California in 1994. Whitman has made a point in her campaign that employers should be held responsible if they hire illegal workers.

In Tuesday night’s debate against her Democratic opponent, Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, Whitman had reiterated her disapproval of employers who hire illegal immigrants, saying, “We do have to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers, and we do have to enforce that law.”

Pitting Whitman against a Latina who says she was badly treated could undermine the candidate’s extensive outreach efforts to Latino voters, a segment of the electorate critical to winning.

The issue also could hurt Whitman among conservative Republicans, some of whom have criticized her for being insufficiently tough on immigration.

Whitman tried to court conservatives in her party’s spring primary by pledging to be “tough as nails” on illegal immigration but is now erecting billboards in Latino neighborhoods emphasizing her opposition to measures such as Arizona’s controversial new law.

The allegations already have stirred passions among conservatives, serving as a hot topic Wednesday afternoon on the “John and Ken” radio show on KFI-AM (640), which has been hammering Whitman for being too liberal on illegal immigration.

The hosts suggested that Whitman should have known her housekeeper was undocumented. They focused on Diaz Santillan’s allegation that Whitman and her husband for years received letters from the Social Security Administration seeking more employment information about their housekeeper.

The federal agency sent the letters starting April 22, 2003, because the Social Security number that Diaz Santillan provided to Whitman did not match her name — a red flag that often pops up when an illegal immigrant provides a false Social Security number, according to Allred.

Whitman denied receiving any such letters.

Allred, appearing at her Wilshire Boulevard office in her trademark red blazer, and Diaz Santillan laid out their case in English and Spanish, a nod to the crush of Spanish-language television and radio stations on hand for the news conference.

The attorney said her client was cheated out of wages and mileage reimbursement, as well as threatened with termination when she needed to take a leave to give birth. She said Diaz Santillan was “exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused.”

Whitman denied the allegations, and her campaign officials produced employment records they say Diaz Santillan falsified to give the appearance that she was an American citizen.

“We had no reason to believe she was not legal,” Whitman said after a San Jose campaign event. “No one could have been more stunned than I was when she came to us on that Saturday that June and said, ‘I’m not here legally.’ ”

Allred declined to say whether Diaz Santillan remains undocumented. She said Diaz Santillan has retained an immigration attorney.

Whitman said Diaz Santillan’s allegations are part of a smear campaign driven by Brown’s allies.

Her campaign pointed out that Allred has given a modest contribution to Brown’s political campaign, and that Allred also represented a plaintiff who made politically damaging personal allegations against Arnold Schwarzenegger when he first ran for office in the 2003 gubernatorial recall election.

Diaz Santillan said her motivation was to draw attention to the abuse of undocumented workers.

“I’m doing this because I know there are a lot of Megs out there who are mistreating the Nickys who work so hard for them,” she said.

Diaz Santillan said she was hired to work 15 hours a week for $23 an hour, but alleges that her house-cleaning duties quickly expanded to looking after Whitman’s children and running family errands, forcing her to work well beyond the agreed time.

She alleged that Whitman refused to pay her for the extra hours or reimburse her for the miles she was driving in her own car.

Speaking to reporters after an appearance at Cisco’s offices in San Jose, Whitman denied mistreating Diaz Santillan. The candidate said she never disclosed the situation because “it never came up” and she didn’t see any reason to make an example of someone she considered “a member of our extended family.”

Whitman said she and her husband had fulfilled their obligations.

“As soon as we found that she was an illegal immigrant, we did what we had to do as an employer and let her go,” Whitman said. “All the documentation that we had said she was legal…. We absolutely did what we needed to do as an employer.”

She added: “We couldn’t have been more careful about this.”

As for Diaz Santillan’s termination, stories differ.

Whitman said Diaz Santillan approached her and her husband at their home to tell them she was in the country illegally, recognizing she could be a political vulnerability for Whitman, who had already announced her gubernatorial bid.

“We were stunned, just amazed,” Whitman said. “We said, ‘Gosh, Nicky, we’re going to have to let you go. That is our legal obligation as an employer. We’re going to have to let you go.’ She never came back to work after that Saturday.”

Diaz Santillan recounted events differently. She said she asked for Whitman’s help to find an immigration attorney. Whitman promised to look into the matter, Diaz Santillan said.

Four days later, Diaz Santillan said, Whitman called and told her, “We cannot do anything for you,” and fired her.

“She said, ‘I cannot help you and don’t say anything to my children. I will tell them you already have a new job and that you want to go to school, and from now on, you don’t know me and I do not know you. You never have seen me and I have never seen you. Do you understand me?’ ” Diaz Santillan, dabbing away tears, recalled Whitman saying.

“I was shocked and hurt that Ms. Whitman would treat me this way after nine years,” Diaz Santillan said. “I realized at that moment that she did not appreciate my work. She was throwing me away like a piece of garbage.”


You ARE a piece of garbage—you lying thieving felonious illegal alien trash! Of course Jerry Brown isn’t going to go after Diaz Santillan, a Latina: he needs those illicit votes.


SPOKANE, Wash. — Family of Medal of Honor recipient Vernon Baker was denied access to the White House’s West Wing on Saturday, a day after the World War II hero was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Baker’s widow, Heidy, and grandson, Vernon Pawlik, 10, were denied entry because the boy was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. His shirt had a picture of his grandfather on it.

A White House Web site doesn’t list a dress code, but the family had been invited to tour the West Wing, which houses the president’s office and where casual dress is prohibited.

U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick’s office says he’s contacted the White House to express his disappointment.

Vernon Baker, of St. Maries, Idaho, was the last living black World War II Medal of Honor winner.

The White House didn’t return a phone call seeking comment.


Bo and the communist cur at the White House. So much for a dress code.

By Mark Hemingway

Well, this news will get your morning off to a terrible start:

San Antonio Police are studying surveillance video for leads in Saturday’s break-in at the Soldier’s Angels Support Center on Interstate 35 North across from Brooke Army Medical Center.

Toby Nunn, the non-profit agency’s operations manager, said those who have seen the video describe two vehicles, a black SUV and a maroon Cadillac sedan with chrome rims. The only description of a suspect was he was about six-feet-tall.

“This is not a store, this is a charity,” Nunn said. “To be so violated, that someone would come in here and do this to a place that is designed to be special and helpful.”

Nunn said the facility’s glass entrance was violently shattered before and an assortment of large, flat-screen TVs were ripped out in its exhibit hall, along with a huge interactive screen.

He said a half-dozen laptop computers were stolen which contained invaluable messages to the fallen and their families.

The worst part, Nunn said, was that before leaving, fire extinguisher foam was sprayed and smeared throughout the exhibit hall.

“It’s disgusting,” he said. “Within our fallen area, which is the most disrespectful of all.”

Soldiers’ Angels was “formed to be a place of refuge, fellowship and support for families of the fallen, as well as injured service members who are patients at [Brooke Army Medical Center].”

Here is the donation page for Soldiers’ Angels. Contributions are tax deductible and will help undo the damage done by this desecration.

By William Kristol

First J Street denied receiving money from George Soros—then they had to admit he is a major donor. First J Street claimed it was overwhelmingly supported by domestic donors—then it turned out they had received more than $800,000 from a mysterious woman from Hong Kong. First J Street claimed it had nothing to do with setting up meetings on Capitol Hill for Richard Goldstone—now it turns out they did.

It all brings to mind Sen. Sam Ervin’s famous invocation during Watergate of the couplet by Walter Scott: “Oh! What a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive!” And it makes it tempting to call J Street’s behavior Nixonian. But that would be unfair to Richard Nixon. He was a friend of Israel.

As part of the plan, the Treasury Department will convert $49.1 billion in preferred shares purchased with money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program into common stock in AIG. Then it plans to sell the shares over time in the open market. Continue Reading the Bullshit


If you think the federal taxes you pay go to the run the fed eral government, think again. This year, every dime (and more) that the feds collect is going out in payments to other people.

That is, Washington is redistributing even more wealth than it takes in.

With every dollar the feds collect from the “Peters” going to the “Pauls,” and then some, nothing is left to pay the more than 2 million federal civilian employees, the armed forces or otherwise run the government.

The White House Office of Management and Budget calls the category “Payments for Individuals.” It includes more than 100 antipoverty programs such as welfare, food stamps and Medicaid — plus tens of billions each year for “tax credits” to people who pay no income tax.

But the bulk of it goes to folks who mostly aren’t below or near the poverty line — Social Security and Medicare being by far the largest, but also unemployment benefits, student assistance and day-care payments, to name a few.

Only about 6 percent or 7 percent is for items arguably related to delivery of (past) government services — mainly veterans’ benefits and civil-service retirement checks. Factor those out, and this year’s projected Payments for Individuals still total more than federal revenues.

The chart at right shows how Payments for Individuals, or PFIs, have skyrocketed more than 1,600 percent since 1945 — from 1 percent of GDP to 16.4 percent.

This year, the feds will spend $2.39 trillion in PFIs, amounting to nearly two-thirds of all federal outlays — now over 24 percent of GDP under the Obama-era spending explosion. And we’re running a huge deficit — tax collections, due to recession-reduced incomes, are now only 14.8 percent of GDP.

And, for the first time in history, PFIs — at 16.4 percent of GDP — exceed federal revenues. The difference — 1.6 percent of GDP — amounts to about $228 billion.

That is, the feds are spending $228 billion more than they collect per year in taxes — on just PFIs.

This setup has plenty of “Pauls” who are being paid — nearly half the “taxpayers” don’t even pay any taxes. But the burden is not spread evenly among the “Peters”: The top 1 percent of income-taxpayers fork over more than the bottom 95 percent.

But it’s not really good for the “Pauls.” The system is so unjust and incentive-robbing — not only to the middle class and the “rich,” but also to the poor — that, as the US Census Bureau recently reported, median family income has barely improved for a decade and poverty levels are now at a 15-year high.

And, despite all this redistribution of wealth, the wealthiest percent of Americans somehow manage to capture almost exactly the same share of overall wealth as they did in 1920.

So if robbing the “Peters” to pay the “Pauls” hasn’t helped the “Pauls,” what has all this redistribution accomplished?

Just four things — all bad:

* It’s lowered overall prosperity by robbing the entrepreneurial class of incentives, which has resulted in less business expansion and fewer jobs.

* It’s helped grow a vast nanny state by creating a convenient co-dependency between it and the poor.

* It’s kept the poor where they are, by eliminating the incentive for work, and stripped them of their dignity.

* It’s taken a terrible toll on the middle class — which, not being among the “Pauls,” is taxed to death to pay for it all, and has ended up with the same share of a smaller pie.

Taxes are for running the business of government, not for politicians to award as favors while talking about “fairness.”

It’s high time liberals give up pretending they’re evening the score, and focus on equalizing opportunities, not outcomes.

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