Rapper Head-Roc referred to President Obama as a “nigger” and a “coon” in a rap he performed for the crowd. In reference to Obama inviting the police officer who arrested Professor Henry Gates to the White House ”beer summit” (the rapper mistakenly calls Henry Gates “Bill Gates”), Head-Roc says of “the Prez:” “Man, I tuned out when that nigger went the ‘coon’ route.” Longtime radical activist Pam Africa, president of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (she had also been part of the MOVE black power cult) repeatedly called Obama a “nigger” as well, to the applause and cheers of the audience (she also exhorts the crowd to “whup his ass”).
Speaker Larry Hales, from the group “Fight Imperialism Stand Together” (“F.I.S.T.”) dedicated his speech to the gunman who, only two days earlier, had cold-bloodedly murdered thirteen people at the Fort Hood military base in Texas.

“They want us to see the brother Nidal Malik Hassan as some great evil person. As an enemy. But this brother was Palestinian. So he sees the world through the eyes of a person whose parents came from a land where they had their homes stolen away from them, and they had heir land stolen away from them. This is his reality. This is his history, So he has a right to be pissed off and angry. And he has a right to say, ‘I need to strike back.’ And that’s what that was about. That brother was standing up for the Palestinian people whose voices don’t get heard. He was standing up for the Iraqi and Afghani people whose voices don’t get heard. He was standing up for the brothers and sisters who’ve lost their lives in Honduras because of a right-wing coup that has taken power. He was standing up for the union members in Columbia who’ve lost their lives because of killer coke. He was standing up for the oppressed people around the world. He was standing up for the Somali people, who have had, who live on the coast, and have had their livelihood destroyed because you have trawlers that drag the bottom of the ocean and steal away the fish that they have to live upon. Or for the people who get sick because nuclear waste is dumped, in the oceans, and it washes ashore in Somalia, he was standing up for them.”

The aforementioned Abdul Alim Musa used his time at the mic to praise Luqman Ameen Abdullah, an Imam in Musa’s organization who had recently been killed in a shoot-out with the FBI (Musa’s organization seeks to create an independent Muslim state in the U.S. The Imam was being investigated by the FBI for illegal possession of firearms and trafficking in stolen goods).

Musa called Abdullah “a good man. The best, and the most hard working, and the most uncompromising.”

About Obama, Musa told the crowd:

“To all of you who had faith in the system, sorry about all that. His job is to carry out the criminal policies of the United States of America. We aren’t expecting nothing from the negro in the White House.”