Dave Gibson

Dinero Seguro poster inside local Post Office
Dinero Seguro poster inside local Post Office

Looking to capitalize on the growing remittance industry, largely fueled by illegal aliens sending money earned through illegal employment in this country, back home, the U.S. Post Office now offers a wire transfer service, but only to countries in Latin America.

The service, called Dinero Seguro (Sure Money) is being advertised in local post offices with posters showing a Latino family, along with the caption “for your wire transfer of funds back home.”

The following description of the service was taken directly from the official USPS website:

“It’s easy to wire money with Sure Money™ (Dinero Seguro®). Whether you are sending it to a business or to family or friends, all you have to do is visit a participating Post Office* and send your money. It will be transferred in just 15 minutes to a participating branch in the destination country.”

The wire transfers are only available to the following countries:

-Dominican Republic
-El Salvador

The new plan will allow a sender to transfer up to $2,000 a day to Latin America. The fee to the sender begins at $10 on an amount of up to $750.

When I called the USPS’ toll free number to ask about the specifics of Dinero Seguro, I was mistakenly directed to the Spanish-speaking line. No matter, I pretended to be the owner of a landscape service, with a “large number of undocumented employees.”

Once the operator heard this…Her mood quickly became rosy, and helpful.

I asked if there were any ID requirements for my employees to send their wages back to Mexico and Honduras, and was told in a sullen voice: “Oh, yes, they will.”

However, her mood picked up when I asked if the laughable Matricula Consular cards distributed by the government of Mexico to this country’s illegal alien population would be accepted. She looked it up, and happily told me that they could be used at the Post Office.

The customer service worker was “not certain” which particular branches may offer Spanish translators!

Remittances, or wire transfers such as Western Union Moneygrams from the United States represent the second largest source of income for Mexico. In 2009, Mexican workers, mostly illegal aliens, sent home $21.2 billion in such transfers.

Remittances are second only to Mexico’s oil industry in the amount of revenue produced, which is one of the chief reasons the Mexican government has no interest in working with U.S. authorities to police our common border.

Furthermore, according to the Inter-American Development Bank, all of Latin America received $69.2 billion in remittances from the U.S. in 2009 alone.

In March 2009, the Postal Service announced a $2.8 billion loss for 2008. Postmaster general, John E. Potter told Congress “We are facing losses of historic proportion. Our situation is critical.”

Potter had come to Congress to ask for a bailout which he says is necessary if the Postal Service is to continue operating beyond 2009, and to also propose a reduction in the number of delivery days.

The Postal Service is the only carrier which routinely operates at a loss, and then simply raises their prices, even though their service is often rated as poor by their customers. Of course, they always have the Congress waiting-by to reward their ineptitude with more taxpayer money.

Without unfair government protection, the Postal Service would be forced to either close or become efficient.

The laws which allow the Postal service to operate a monopoly, should be rescinded and fair competition allowed to flourish. The consumer would be the ultimate beneficiary from such a move.

The Postal Service has only managed to turn a profit for five years since 1971, when it became a semi-independent agency. However, the Postal Service is a quasi-government agency and is exempt from anti-trust laws, and many other regulations which private carriers must follow.

The taxpayers continue to support the Postal Service with unfair laws, allowing a monopoly, as well as our hard-earned wages. In return, they not only offer inefficient service, but now enable illegal aliens, taking jobs from American citizens to send their ill-gotten gains back to their home countries.

Call your Congressman and tell him or her to end this nation’s unfair protections for the U.S. Post Office!