January 2007

A federal jury has ruled that the city of Seattle is liable for the unlawful arrests of roughly 200 protesters during the second day of the World Trade Organization meetings in 1999.

However, the jury also determined that the arrests did not violate the protesters’ free-speech rights because they were not made as a result of a city policy aimed at squelching anti-WTO viewpoints. [more]

Medea Benjamin in the WTO protests:

Passionately anti-capitalist, Benjamin is widely credited as having been a chief organizing force behind the 1999 Seattle riots in which 50,000 protesters damaged millions of dollars worth of property in their effort to shut down meetings of the World Trade Organization. 


Diane Baker’s voice was barely audible above the rumble of the trash can she pushed down the sidewalk. But her actions tended to speak louder, anyway.

Four months ago, Baker was one of 71 people arrested during a protest in Washington for crossing a police line to sit on the steps of a Senate office building.

As punishment, the 60-year-old was sentenced to sweep the streets of the nation’s capital for eight cold, blustery hours Tuesday.

"I’m a rather fragile, small woman," said Baker, a hospice chaplain at United Church of Christ in Dallas. "Being a minister, I offered to do counseling, but this is what they gave me."

Baker, a mother of four and grandmother of two, suffers from myoclonic epilepsy, a degenerative muscle condition that causes her voice to quiver and hands to shake. As she signed in to begin her community service, she struggled to write her name. [more]


Diane Baker who has no trouble traveling to DC (or anywhere else) and running up and down the streets protesting the US military; wants us to believe she’s just this weak little ole granny. Hopefully granny will die soon…but only after she has cleaned the streets of the US of A.

Good fuckin’ riddance to the commie cunt!



Tara Conner after the boob job but before the nose job

Bullshit Here

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Senate on Wednesday refused to expel a lawmaker accused of fondling an 18-year-old legislative page in a motel bed, but voted to censure him instead.

Democratic Sen. Dan Sutton had admitted sharing a bed with the page last winter but denied groping him.



Unidentified men shot and killed a brother-in-law of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a raid on his home in Madagascar, his brother said on Wednesday.

Malek Khalifa told Dubai-based Al Arabiya television that the aim of the killers appeared to have been to rob his brother, Jamal Khalifa, who mined and traded precious stones in Madagascar.

Malek said a gang of 20 to 30 gunmen broke into his brother’s bedroom, shot him dead "in cold blood" and stole his belongings. [more]


Via Mediabistro:

Jill Abramson, Yale professor and New York Times managing editor, via the Yale Herald:

YH: You’ve said that you want to learn about the news consumption of college-age students, and I think that’s really interesting because we’re a strange bunch.

JA: No! You’re hardly strange, and you’ll be the next generation that traditional journalism needs to capture to stay alive. Learning about your news consumption habits is one of my goals in teaching at Yale. When I was teaching a class at Princeton in 2000, many of my students got their news from Jon Stewart‘s The Daily Show. So I was introduced very early on to The Daily Show.

YH: Do you still watch Jon Stewart?

JA: I watch Jon Stewart every night, and Stephen Colbert.

YH: One of the ways I get news is by looking at the "Most Blogged" tag on the Times website. It directly calls attention to how the New York Times is going to interface with the blogosphere.

JA: Which is huge. Some worry that the dominance of the Internet has disrupted the business model of newspapers, but I see it presenting us with a great challenge. That challenge is to publish the best newspaper in the world — which still makes a nice amount of money and has a very avid readership — but also to develop what I think is the best news site on the web, and to be terrific at both. The Internet has made us more creative and more competitive in many ways.

Via Iraq4Ever, the planning for a day to celebrate their glorious leader Saddam Hussein and to slaughter the infidel pig dog:

Call the Preparatory Committee

حول أربعينية الشهيد القائد صدام حسينOn a Shiite martyr leader Saddam Hussein تدارست الجنة التحضيريةParadise had discussed preparations المشكلة للاعداد لاحتفالات اربعينية الشهيد القائد صدام حسين رضي الله عنه ، الاقتراحات الكثيرة التي وصلت اليها وتوصلت الى ما يليThe problem of preparing for the celebrations of a Shiite martyr leader Saddam Hussein, God bless him, the many suggestions that have been reached and reached the following ::

  1. ان يكون يوم 8 -2 –2007 يوما عالميا للاحتفال بالاربعينية في كل القاراتTo be on 2 – 8-2007 world day of celebration Balarbaineh in all the continents ..
  2. في حالة وجود عائق امام اقامة الاحتفالية يوم الخميس 8 -2 فيمكن للجان المحلية اقامته يوم 9 -2 الجمعةIn the case of a hindrance to the establishment of festivities on Thursday, 2 – 8 can be set up for local committees on Friday 2-9 ..
  3. يفضل ان تبدأ الاحتفالات في الساعة السادسة مساء بتوقيت مكة المكرمة –الثالثة بعد الظهر بتوقيت لندن ØŒ واذا تعذر ذلك فيمكن تأخير او تقديم الوقت حسب الظروف السائدةPreferably Celebrations start at six p.m. Time Mecca, the third-afternoon London time, and if not possible, could delay or time depending on the circumstances prevailing ..
  4. [more]



Via Front Page Magazine:

In a rational world, American universities would lead the way in exposing the noxious roots of Islamic terrorism. Instead of psychoanalyzing Rush Limbaugh or President Bush, they would devote their attentions to what makes terrorists tick. Readers of FrontPage Magazine are uniquely educated about the unholy alliance between academia and jihadists. Thus, we have launched the Terrorism Awareness Project — www.TerrorismAwareness.org — to educate college students directly.

In conjunction with the organization and website, we have produced the flash movie The Islamic Mein Kampf, as well as a scholarly pamphlet by the same name. Together, they provide a chilling and compelling testimony to the depths of bitter Islamic hatred and the threat a growing radical Muslim population poses to Europe, Israel, the United States, the Jewish people, and the world.

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