April 2006

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An American jailed in Afghanistan on charges of torturing terrorists in a makeshift jail was freed Sunday two months before his two-year sentence ended and whisked out of the country under heavy U.S. security.

Caraballo maintains the American government authorized the jail, which was run by a former U.S. soldier, Jonathan "Jack" Idema, and another man, Brent Bennett. U.S. authorities have repeatedly denied the claims and said the prison was part of an unauthorized hunt for terrorists.

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Edward Caraballo, sitting, with Jonathan Idema, left, and Brent Bennett, right, in a 2004 photo.

Jack Idema : former S.F., who was fired from a few S.F. teams for being trouble and over the top—left S.F. after failed team tours.  Idema, man of many defunct business ventures since his days in S.F., is a con man who put American S.F. troops in Afghanistan in direct danger in his quest for fame and a good story.

He is a whack-job who was running his own concentration camp.

  He is a liar.  

Pamela Anderson defends her relativesall 3 of em’.


Check out War Dogs at the DOD


Bolivia’s new left-leaning leader Evo Morales has signed a pact with the Cuban and Venezuelan presidents that rejects U.S.-backed free trade and promises a socialist version of regional commerce and cooperation.

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Castro, Morales, Chavez


Ahmadinejad and Chavez,

All that’s missing in this photo is Cindy Sheehan — so we added her.  No need to thank us Cindy

According to New Zealand’s Sunday Star-Times, Richards fell out of a coconut tree and suffered a serious headache, but he still had the energy to jump on a jet ski — and get into another accident.

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What we want to know is: How in the hell can you tell when someone with a face like Keith Richard’s and the I.Q. of a drugged gnat—get hurt? How do you damage that face and brain…Is it even possible?


KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — A body found in Afghanistan has been identified as that of an Indian telecommunications engineer who was kidnapped earlier in the week by Taliban members, a regional police chief said.

A statement from the Taliban demanded that all Indian workers leave Afghanistan within 24 hours or the hostage would be killed.

After the body was found, a Taliban spokesman said the group had not planned to kill the hostage but when he tried to escape, they shot him.

Police Chief Mohammed Nabeel Malahkili said the body discovered in Zabol province on Sunday had been beheaded.

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An obvious act of suicide.  Obviously they accidently shot him while trying to prevent him from committing suicide by beheading himself while tied to a chair and gagged.

Aztlan (video)



The promoter of the pageant is Lwazi Mbowa. She felt that there was no place for swimwear in a contest that challenges perceptions of beauty.

"This is about the true beauty of Africa," she says. "Big women are for chiefs and kings, and we can’t expose chiefs’ items in public, so swimwear is completely out."


The winner was 21-year-old student Nobesuthu Sibanda. She comes from the second biggest city of Bulawayo. She was not given a glitzy tiara, but a crown of goatskin and beads, a sisal jar and a mukombe, a wooden ladle used for drinking water.

Source: BBC

Door prizes of genital mutilations were given out to lucky female audience members after the pageant. The emcee was cooked for lunch, and everyone said they had a fabulous time!

Bomb squad destroys news box playing ‘Mission: Impossible III’ theme.


SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – A newspaper promotion for Tom Cruise’s upcoming “Mission: Impossible III” got off to an explosive start when a county arson squad blew up a news rack, thinking it contained a bomb.

The confusion: the Los Angeles Times rack was fitted with a digital musical device designed to play the “Mission: Impossible” theme song when the door was opened. But in some cases, the red plastic boxes with protruding wires were jarred loose and dropped onto the stack of newspapers inside, alarming customers.

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Excerpt:"Just one month into Hamas’ rule, international isolation has deprived it of the funds needed to meet Palestinians’ basic needs, the Palestinian territories are in political and economic chaos, and the crisis has raised the specter of civil war."

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