“They went from a Republic to a democracy and ended up with an oligarchy under a progression of the Caesars: a tyranny of the Elite.”

We’re founded as a Republic and NOT a democracy (mob rule)…

Our Constitution says in Article 4, Section IV, that we are Republic and NOT a democracy. Unfortunately, we’ve never been governed as one. Damn Individual Liberties –mob rule ahead!

The video above explains.

An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

Just substitute the words [mob rule] every time you hear the words democracy/democrat/democratic.

Just a reminder: The Democracy (Democrat) and Republican (Republic) parties are private parties and unconstitutional. There is absolutely no Constitutional basis for either.

The democracy (democrat) party was started under Andrew Jackson (Jacksonian Democracy) to bring down our Republic. Why? Because in a democracy individual liberties do not and can not exist: The Republican party was formed to countermand the democracy party.

Set aside evil pseudo Republicans who tout democracy, but every time a democrat swears to uphold our Constitution, they are lying. Democracy is absolutely antithetical to our specific Republic. You cannot be a democrat and swear to uphold our Constitution. It’s akin to being a [law abiding illegal alien]. It’s oxymoronic. No Such thing.

The mob overrides individual liberties. The mob then looks to the government to take care of them and tell them what to do.

We The People elect Public Servants from the presidency on down. Unfortunately they’ve all become rather rich oligarchs instead. They keep us all in constant chaos that they created. Why? So we rubes elect them to end the chaos…which they keep in perpetual motion to keep their jobs. Understand?

Bread and Circuses or feed me Leroy.

Our Constitution says we are a Republic and governed by our Constitution and our Founding Fathers were quite clear in the Federalist Papers why.

We’ve lost our way thanks to communist indoctrination.

If you care about individual liberties/limited government (our Founding Constitutional Republic), you better pay attention.

Set aside the known enemy democracy (democrat) party—anyone else who touts democracy and claims to be a Republican/Conservative is an enemy to our Republic. They are banking on you being ignorant of our Founding. Don’t Be. Read Up. Fight Back. Your freedom depends on it.

We don’t pledge allegiance to democracy (mob rule), but to our specific Republic and Bill of Rights  (our individual liberties) for which it stands.

Please read our Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Our founding Fathers explain why they did NOT give us a democracy as a form of government. You better pay attention. Your freedom depends on it.

Two Steps From Hell


Via Daniel Horowitz


…whines when the mob he touts show up at his house.

Just Sayin’.

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Carlson is NOT a Republican and certainly not a Conservative. You cannot constantly tout democracy and be either. It’s akin to saying law-abiding illegal alien. There is no such thing – it’s oxymoronic.

How does he get away with it?  He says (oh look, squirrel) – just like Trump does –words you want to hear, and you dumb bastards eat it up.

Showing up on his property is bullshit.  Don’t like him? Fine! Call/write his sponsors. Do Not Show Up On His Property. Do not harass him or any member of his family while they are out and about or on their personal property. That Is Wrong. It’s unethical if not illegal. 

Show up on my property threatening my family…it’s over…for you. 

What’s incredible is, you Leftist attack him and yet he is actually one of you.

Excerpt: “Evidently, our political class believes that the U.S. military was created solely for urban renewal and social work projects in Kabul, Baghdad, Raqqa, and Mogadishu, but not for the purpose of protecting our border.“

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My 150 plus lbs. bestest boi evah.

Christine Blasey Ford's legal teams says the FBI has not made contact with them

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“The Bread and Circuses feature of the decline is done. Now we begin the consume-each-other-and-burn-it-all-down portion of the program.”

Elizabeth Scalia

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