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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – More than 500 Colorado teachers showed up for a free conceal carry class Saturday at Centennial Airport.

The Centennial Gun Club — the largest gun club in the Rocky Mountain West — said more than two-thirds of those who signed up for the class are women.

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Certain gun-related events affect us especially strongly, whichever side of the gun-rights debate we are on. The event often involves children who become the center of tragedies — caught in school shootings, in crossfire, or, what in some ways is worst, in their own acts performed innocently. A current example is the death, at the hands of a nine-year-old girl, of an instructor at the Bullets and Burgers Last Stop Arizona shooting range. We grieve for the instructor and his family, for the girl’s family, and in a particular way for the girl, who will grow up being the only person she knows who has killed another human being.

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Speaking of the ‘accidental’ death of a 9 year old girl… perhaps we should ban kids from sandy beaches.

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The Brady Campaign just got smacked down in court yet again. This time The United States Court of Appeals ruled against the anti-gun group in their lawsuit against gun classified website Armslist.com.

Armslist.com is one of several classified websites for gun sales. The way sites like this work is that a seller lists a gun for sale and someone contacts them about purchasing it. In some cases, the buyer and seller will be in different states, this means the seller must ship the gun to a dealer in the buyer’s area where the buyer will undergo a background check in order to take possession of the gun.

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Monticello, New York, Democratic Mayor Gordon Jenkins—a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns—was arrested Thursday on bribery charges, the latest in a long string of legal and ethical foibles by Jenkins.

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A law expanding background check requirements on Colorado gun sales has been in effect for about a year, and an Associated Press analysis of state data compiled during that span shows the projected impact was vastly overstated in a key budget report.

The discovery has prompted a prominent Democratic lawmaker to question whether the flawed estimate led to an inaccurate projection of the law’s cost. Republicans seized on the opportunity to resume criticism over a measure that helped lead to the ouster of three Democrats in the state Senate last year.

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Amidst a great deal of controversy, the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014, a new law that protects people with conceal carry permits went into effect in Georgia this week. Proponents of the law are hailing it as a huge victory for the Second Amendment rights of Georgia gun owners.

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