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While we regular, cash-strapped taxpayers concerned about the well-being of our country stood  on the overpasses Saturday protesting  the total breakdown of our borders, where were a few of our  stalwart conservative spokespeople and politicians? Were they holding anti-illegal immigration  signs  with ‘we the people’  on the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform Amnesty and Border Surge?

No. Senator Ted Cruz, Rep Louie Gohmert, Glenn Beck, and Dana Loesch, among others, were in McAllen, Texas meeting with Rio Grande Catholic Charities Director Sr. Norma Pimentel just weeks after her very public visit with Nancy Pelosi. Not to be outdone by the Democrats, photos onThe Blaze showed the media stars and politicians preparing food, handing out soccer balls and assisting church groups.

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Communist pamphleteers are using the American Federation of Teachers annual convention as a recruiting ground, according to a new video.

Men with Mao Zedong-emblazoned messenger bags distributed fliers to union members as they entered the Los Angeles convention center, where thousands of teachers have gathered to discuss the state of the nation’s second largest teachers union.

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized Senate Democrats and their legislation to circumvent the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision by explaining that their bill would impose “faith fines” on groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor, who refuse to subsidize abortion-inducing drugs, and asked, “Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?” Read More

Senator Cruz: “Mr. President, faith fines have no place in our democracy.”

Though Obama and Fellow Travelers are changing our system of government into a democracy (Obama oligarchy/thug rule), the United States of America was founded as a Constitutional ‘Republic’ and not a democracy.

Any one proclaiming the United States of America is a democracy – is clearly an enemy to our Republic.

Cruz is just another Fellow Traveler.

Amidst internal dissent, George Soros’s shadowy political funding powerhouse is planning to execute a $200 million fundraising campaign this election cycle in order to benefit key groups pushing for a permanent radical left-wing Democrat majority.

The billionaire members of the elite fundraising empire known as the Democracy Alliance have reportedly funneled $500 million or more into leftist and pro-Democrat organizations. The goal of the Alliance is to foster a permanent political infrastructure of left-wing nonprofits, think tanks, media outlets, leadership schools, and activist groups.

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Any person promoting democracy or any organization with the word ‘democracy’ in its title is of course going to be anti-American.

ALIPAC writes: Illegal immigrant supporters attacked an elderly American lady that was protesting against the Obama backed invasion where our border patrol has been ordered to assist the smugglers and bring illegals to communities across America.

When police stepped in to protect the pro American protester, they were attacked by more anarchist and communist agitators that were there to support the illegal aliens!

The police had to arrest 5 illegal alien protesters some of which clearly resisted arrest.

American Flag Burned

Listen closely to this video and at 4:20 in this video you can hear one of the immigration reform amnesty supporters say “People just got violently arrested and you want to know why I burned this American flag?”

Illegal alien allies also said off camera ‘Fuck America’ and that they were going to hold white Americans accountable for the genocide of indigenous peoples or something along those lines!


Five people were booked into Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta on suspicion of obstructing an officer and interfering with an arrest. Officials said Mathieson also was arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer. Source

Janet Mathieson, 22, of Claremont

Pouyan Bokaei, 33, of Maryland

Jacqueline Sanchez, 26, of Los Angeles

Jessica Rey, 25, of Menifee

Salvador Chavez, 24, of Los Angeles

Immigrant-rights activists have set up water stations, gone out nearly daily to find border crossers in distress, and circulated warning posters and maps of the locations of those who have died in the desert.

All with the goal of stopping the deaths of immigrants trying to cross into the United States.

Now Robin Hoover, founder and former member of the local group Humane Borders, is planning to distribute 100 high-intensity flashlights.

Hoover will work today with a local church in Altar, Sonora, 115 miles southwest of Tucson and one of the last staging areas for would-be border crossers, to pass out the $8.32 flashlights that can illuminate a tree a half-mile away and include both a strobe and an S.O.S. function.

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Kevin Oaks

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that although she had disagreements with President Obama during her time at the State Department, she was largely proud of her career.

“[I]n many areas he and I worked together and I think we saw positive results, I’m very proud of what we did during the time I was there,” she said. “I think we restored America;s leadership at a time when it was in quite dire straights.”

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