Obama reacted to the on-camera slaying of photojournalist James Foley for five minutes on Wednesday, telling a global audience that ‘when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.’

Almost immediately after leaving the podium Obama teed-off and was seen laughing with friends and fist-bumping them during a five-hour round at Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard  – his seventh 18-holes in ten days.

The decision brought a chorus of condemnation from TV commentators, journalists, conservative partisans and Twitter users.

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters could hardly contain his anger Wednesday night on the Fox News Channel as he discussed Obama’s reactions to the ISIS terror network’s beheading of Foley, an American who had been missing since 2012.

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Among the other unthinking phrases repeated endlessly is “he shot an unarmed man.” When does anyone know that someone is unarmed? Unless you frisk him, you don’t know — until, of course, after you have shot him.

Some critics object when someone with a gun shoots someone who only has a knife. Do those critics know that you are just as dead when you are killed with a knife as you are when you are killed by a gun?

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ATLANTA – The Georgia state Board of Education is fighting back against Michelle Obama’s school snack rules and is poised to undercut them with a vote Thursday.

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ISIS had recently threatened to kill U.S. journalist James Foley to avenge airstrikes the United States has conducted in Iraq, a senior U.S. official told ABC News.

The White House had been aware of the threat prior to the release of a video Tuesday night that appears to show the beheading of Foley and warns that militants will carry out a similar act against U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff, who went missing in August, the official said.

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Obama is so appalled that ‘innocent Muslims’ (and that American journalist whatshisname) are massacred by ISIL — he immediately went to play a round of golf after his presser today. Seriously.

The Obama Regime attempting to justify their unadulterated bullshit.


Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros has been released from jail, can get a work permit and can apply for a Social Security number now that an immigration judge has dismissed her deportation case, said immigration attorney Courtney Carter, who represented the 19-year-old in the proceedings.

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A jury of 12 unanimously found Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros guilty of both counts of felony hit and run she faced in a crash that killed two young stepsisters in Forest Grove.

After running over and killing two American girls, Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros and her convicted sex-offender illegal alien boyfriend went to get ice-cream and hang out at Walmart. And let’s not forget  her convicted sex-offender illegal alien boyfriend took the car to the car wash to clean it of all evidence.

Now, thanks to the Obama Regime, Garcia-Cisneros has had her DACA reinstated and free to do whatever she pleases.

The Brady Campaign just got smacked down in court yet again. This time The United States Court of Appeals ruled against the anti-gun group in their lawsuit against gun classified website Armslist.com.

Armslist.com is one of several classified websites for gun sales. The way sites like this work is that a seller lists a gun for sale and someone contacts them about purchasing it. In some cases, the buyer and seller will be in different states, this means the seller must ship the gun to a dealer in the buyer’s area where the buyer will undergo a background check in order to take possession of the gun.

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